The OVA Management Council (OVAMC) is the official liaison between the academic institutions and the alumni.


The management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Council.

The OVAMC is a multi-generational and multi-racial group of outstanding male and female individuals from all walks of life. Passionate to do something for their alma mater, each member of the OVAMC dedicates two years of service to the Association, living and breathing the Victorian ethos of Nil Sine Labore.

Beginning in 2006, the OVAMC requested for and obtained the dedicated services of teacher representatives from both VS and VJC. In the past, the task of interfacing with each of the schools was managed by the First and Second Vice Presidents. With dedicated teacher representatives, the OVA is more tuned into the needs of the academic institutions and thus better positioned to assist.

The OVAMC also invites advisors to provide independent and valued opinion.

The OVAMC is elected by the general body through a rigorous selection process. Election AGMs take place once every two years, while non-election AGMs take place in between.

At the annual general meeting, the OVAMC presents its report on the activities of the previous year and subjects itself to the evaluation of the general body. The AGM is usually held in March.

Management Council 2020-2022

Loke Swee Leong


Tang Shiuh Huei

1st Vice-President

Lim Boh Wee

2nd Vice-President

Chua Eng Keat

Hon. Gen. Secretary

Keith Cheang

Asst. Hon. Gen. Secretary

Teo Chew Kiat

Hon. Treasurer

Benjamin Szeto

Asst. Hon. Treasurer

Akramjeet Singh Khaira

Social Secretary

Mohamed Ashiq

Sports Secretary

Shahul Hamid

Council Member

Ow Jee Chin

Council Member

Sol Ongkiko Foo

Council Member

Philip Teo

Council Member