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Date: Sunday 18th September 2011
Venue: Tyrwhitt Road
Time: 7pm to 10pm
No of Tables: 135 of 10 seats

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V1CTO3IAN5 Day – 5th March 2011

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Do you know someone who embodies the Victorian spirit?

Victorians launch 135th anniversary Celebrations

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  • yea.. President Nathan

  • Principal Mr TP Naidu

  • Mr Teo Ser Luck?

  • Is Mr Naidu an Old Victorian?

  • == [[Medicine]] ==
    * Clin Prof [[Low Cheng Hock]]: President, Singapore Medical Association, 2001-2003 <ref> [ My role models in the medical arena…(part 1)], ''The Straits Times, 14 January 2006''</ref>
    * Dr [[R Munidasa Winslow]]: Head, Dept of Addiction Medicine, Institute of Mental Health

    == [[Religion]] ==
    * Haji [[Sanusi Mahmood]]: First [[Mufti]] of Singapore <ref> [ Tokoh Kita]</ref>
    * Ven Sik [[Kwang Sheng]]: President, Singapore Buddhist Federation; Abbot, [[Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple|Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery]] – Singapore largest Buddhist monastery, 2004-

    == [[Corporation|Corporate]]/[[Business]] ==
    * [[G. Ramachandran (SICCI)|G Ramachandran]]: President, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce, 1966-1968, 1973-1974, 1982-1986
    * [[Shabbir Hassanbhai]]: President, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce, 2002-2004

  • * [[Magic (illusion)|Magic]]
    ** [[J C Sum]] +: One of the top illusionists in Asia

    * [[Ceramics]]
    ** [[Iskandar Jalil]]: Renowned ceramist; Cultural Medallion (Visual Art) winner, 1988; Berita Harian Achiever of the Year, 2002

    * [[Comics]]
    ** [[Sonny Liew]] +: Comic artist/illustrator, best known for his work on [[Vertigo Comics]]' "My Faith in Frankie" <ref> [ Comic creator Sonny Liew]</ref>

  • these four young Old Victorians cited in para 7-10 of attached text of speech by Guest of Honour at 2004 annual speech days are most worthy of consideration. Thanks

  • Dr [[Ong Chit Chung]]: Parliamentary Secretary, 2001-2003; Member of Parliament, 1988-2008
    * [[Lim Biow Chuan]]: Member of Parliament, 2006-
    * [[Ong Eng Lian]]: Member of Parliament, 1955-1959
    * [[Kum Teng Hock]]: City Councillor, 1957-1959
    * [[S V Lingam]]: Member of Parliament, 1959-1968
    * [[Ariff Suradi]]: Member of Parliament, 1959-1976
    * [[Abdul Aziz Karim]]: Member of Parliament, 1968-1976
    * MAJ (Ret) [[Abbas Abu Amin]]: Member of Parliament, 1980-1991; Chairman, [[Football Association of Singapore]], 1989-1991
    * [[Andy Gan Lai Chiang]]: Member of Parliament, 2001-2006

  • * Dr [[Kanwaljit Soin (Ms)]]: First female [[Nominated Member of Parliament]], 1992-1996; Colombo Plan Scholar, 1972
    * Thomas Thomas: [[Nominated Member of Parliament]], 1999-2001
    * Assc Prof [[Ngiam Tee Liang]]: [[Nominated Member of Parliament]], 2002-2005; Head, Dept of Social Work, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

    == [[Government]]==
    * [[Po'ad Shaik Abu Bakar Mattar]]: Member, Public Service Commission, 2004-; Member, Council of Presidential Advisors
    * [[Chiang Chie Foo]]: Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Defence; Colombo Plan Scholar, 1975
    * [[Tan Kee Yong]]: Secretary to Prime Minister and Secretary to Cabinet, 2009-; Chief Exectuive, [[Singapore Land Authority]], 2001-2005
    * Dr [[Han Cheng Fong]]: Chief Executive, China Operations, [[Sino Land]]; Permanent Secretary, 1978-1984; State Scholar, 1962
    * [[Lam Chuan Leong]]: [[Ambassador-at-Large]], 2006-; Permanent Secretary, 1984-2006; [[President's Scholar]], 1967

  • * [[Wong Hung Khim]]: Chairman, Zhonghui Holdings; Former Permanent Secretary; Former Deputy Chairman and CEO, [[Singapore Telecom]]

    * [[Ho Meng Kit]]: Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Chief Executive, [[Land Transport Authority]], 2003-2005

    * [[Lee Chiong Giam]]: Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Former Chief Executive, People's Association
    * [[Lee Wai Kok]]: Former Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Culture; Former Director, [[National Museum of Singapore]]; Chief Executive, People's Association

    * Dr [[Chew Chin Hin]]: Adjunct Senior Fellow, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS; Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health; First Singaporean elected to the prestigious Mastership of the American College of Physicians yesterday.

    * [[Lam Yi Young]] ~: Chief Executive, [[Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore]], PSC Scholar, 1990
    * Dr [[Ngiam Tong Tau]]: CEO, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, 1984-2005
    * [[V K Rajan]]: Ambassador, 1991-2001
    * [[Foo Kok Swee]]: Ambassador (non-resident), 1989-2006

  • * [[M N Swami]]: Honorary Consul-General, Nepal, 1996- (appointed by Nepal government)

    * Dr [[A Vijiaratnam]]: First [[Pro-Chancellor]], NTU, 1992-2005; Olympian (Hockey), 1956; Only person to have represented Singapore in four sports – hockey, football, cricket and rugby

    * Prof [[Edwin Thumboo]]: Renowned poet; Emeritus Professor, NUS; First and former Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS, 1980-1991; [[Cultural Medallion]] (Literature) winner, 1980

    * Prof [[Wee Chow Hou]]: Chairman, Nanyang Executive Programmes, Nanyang Business School, NTU; Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, NUS, 1990-2002

    * Prof [[Brian Lee Chang Leng]]: Professorial Fellow, NTU; Former Dean, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU

    * Prof [[Chou Siaw Kiang]]: Vice-Dean, Faculty of Engineering, NUS

  • * Prof [[Sit-Wong Kim Ping]] (Ms): Emeritus Professor, NUS; Head, Dept of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, NUS, 1996-2000
    * Prof [[Jon Quah]]: Head, Dept of Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS, 1992-1998
    * Assc Prof [[Tsoi Wing Foo]]: Head, Dept of Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, NUS, 1980-1994
    * Assc Prof [[Ho Wing Meng]]: Former Head, Dept of History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS
    * Assc Prof [[Sim Keng Yeow]]: Head, Dept of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, NUS, 1995-1996
    * Assc Prof [[Chan Wai Meng]]: Director, Centre for Language Studies, NUS
    * Prof [[Chong Li Choy]]: Professsor of International Management (SEA) and Director, Asia Research Centre, [[University of St. Gallen|University of St Gallen]], [[Switzerland]]
    * Chong Keng Choy, Associate Professorial Fellow, National Institute of Education
    * Dr [[Low Wing Kee]]: Director, Physical Education Unit, [[University of Hong Kong]], [[Hong Kong]], 1967-1986

  • * Dr [[Law Song Seng]]: Director and CEO, [[Institute of Technical Education]], 1982-2007; Known in Singapore as Mr ITE
    * Rt Revd [[John Tan Teng Wai]]: Founding principal, [[St Andrew's Junior College]], 1978-1990
    * [[Lee Fong Seng]]: Founding principal, [[Anderson Junior College]], 1984-1987; Principal, [[Raffles Junior College]], 1988-2000
    * [[Lim Bok Hai]]: Principal, [[National Junior College]], 1981-1989
    * [[Chan Joon Gek]]: Principal, [[Outram Secondary School]], 1964-1978
    * [[Eric S Retnam]]: Principal, [[Gan Eng Seng School]], 1988-1994
    * [[Benjamin Lui Seng Cheong]]: Principal, [[St Joseph's Institution]], 1997-2008

    == [[Military]]/[[Police]] ==
    * LG (NS) [[Ng Yat Chung]]: Chief of Defence Force, [[Singapore Armed Forces]], 2003-2007; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1980; Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Management, [[Temasek Holdings]]; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Singapore Institute of Management
    * MG [[Neo Kian Hong]]: Chief of Defence Force, [[Singapore Armed Forces]], 2010-; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1983

  • * MG [[Ng Chee Khern]]: Chief of Air Force, [[Singapore Armed Forces]], 2006-2009; [[President's Scholar]] and SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1984
    * Air Vice Marshal [[Sulaiman Sujak]]: First non-British Chief of Air Force, [[Royal Malaysian Air Force]], 1967-1976; Deputy Chairman, [[Malaysia Airlines]], 1977-1991
    * MG [[Syed Mohamed Syed Ahmad Alsagoff]]: Commander, Malaysian armed forces based in Singapore when Singapore was part of Malaysia, 1963-1965
    * BG [[Jimmy Tan]]: Commandant, [[SAFTI Military Institute]], [[Singapore Armed Forces]], 2005-2009; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1981
    * BG [[Tan Meng Dui]] +: Director, Military Intelligence, [[Singapore Armed Forces]]; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1986
    * BG [[Kwek Kok Kwong]] +: Commander, Air Defence and Operations Command, [[Singapore Armed Forces]]; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1986
    * BG [[Loh Wai Keong]]: Commander, 3rd Division, [[Singapore Armed Forces]], 2003-2005; [[President's Scholar]] and SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1984
    * COL [[Lim Yoon Boon]]: Former Chief Artillery Officer, [[Singapore Armed Forces]]; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1985

  • * COL [[Tam Peng Yew]] +: Head, Air Intelligence Dept, [[Singapore Armed Forces]]; SAF (Overseas) Scholar, 1987
    * LT [[Iskandar Abdullah]]: Sword of honour (Best Overseas Cadet), [[Royal Military Academy Sandhurst]], England, 2005 – first SAF officer in 14 years to be named Best Overseas Cadet at Sandhurst
    * [[Tee Tua Ba]]: Commissioner of Police, [[Singapore Police Force]], 1992-1997
    * SAC [[Soh Wai Wah]]: Director of Prisons, [[Singapore Police Force]], 2009-; Chief of Staff, [[Singapore Police Force]], 2004-2009
    * [[Poh Geok Ek]]: Director of Prisons, [[Singapore Police Force]], 1992-1998; Former Director, Central Narcotics Board
    * [[Sim Poh Heng]]: Director, Central Narcotics Board, 1991-1999
    * AC [[Rajoo V Gopal]]: Commander, AETOS auxiliary police force; Former Director, Police National Service Dept, [[Singapore Police Force]]
    * AC [[Tan Ngo Chew]]: Director, Police National Service Dept, [[Singapore Police Force]]

  • == [[Legal]] ==
    * Prof [[Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim]]: Singapore first non-British [[Attorney-General of Singapore|Attorney-General]], 1965-1967; [[Queen's Scholar (British Malaya and Singapore)|Queen's Scholar]], 1936
    * [[Koh Eng Tian]]: Singapore first [[Solicitor-General]], 1981-1991; [[Senior Counsel]]
    * [[Giam Chin Toon]]: [[Senior Counsel]]; President, [[Law Society of Singapore]], 1987-1989
    * [[Toh Kian Sing]]: [[Senior Counsel]]
    * [[Sowaran Singh]]: District Judge, Subordinate Courts; Former Director, Legal Aid Bureau
    * [[Chia Wee Kiat]]: District Judge, Subordinate Courts
    * Dr Chandra Mohan: Former District Judge, Subordinate Courts; Former Director, Legal Aid Bureau
    * [[Adrian Soon Kim Kwee]]: Justice of the Peace; Former District Judge, Subordinate Courts
    * [[Daniel Koh Poh Leong]]: Former District Judge, Subordinate Courts

  • * [[Quek Leng Chan]]: Malaysian tycoon; Founder of [[Hong Leong Group|Hong Leong Group Malaysia]]
    * [[Lim Hua Min]]: Founder and Group Executive Chairman, PhillipCapital; Former Chairman, [[Stock Exchange of Singapore]] <ref>
    * Dr [[Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman]]: Managing Director and Chief Executive, [[Malaysian Airlines]], 1981-1991
    * [[Philip Eng]]: Vice-Chairman, MCL Land
    * [[Mohamad Salleh Marican]]: Founder and Chairman, 2nd Chance Properties; 1st Malay Businessman of the Year, 1988
    * [[Ong Boon Kheng]]: Co-founder and former CEO, Informatics
    * [[Lim How Teck]]: Deputy Chairman, Tuas Power
    * [[Liak Teng Lit]]: CEO, [[Alexandra Health]]
    * [[Daniel Yun]]: Film producer; Former Managing Director, [[Mediacorp Raintree Pictures]]
    * [[Ng Soo Nam]]: Managing Director/Chief Investment Officer, Nikko Asset Management Singapore; Award-winning fund manager
    * [[Phua Kok Kim]]: CEO (Industrial), Mapletree
    * [[Lua Cheng Eng]]: Former Chairman and former CEO, [[Neptune Orient Lines]]
    * [[Ong Teong Pin]]: Principal Partner, APCO Architects and Town Planners Collaborative

  • [[Deen Shahul]]: Owner of now defunct Sparks, Fire and Canto discos; President, Association of Entertainment Organization

    == [[Social]] ==
    * [[Anthony Yeo]]: Clinical Director, Counselling and Care Centre; Known as "Father of Counselling" in Singapore
    * Dr [[Koh Sek Khoon]]: General Practitioner, known as "Dr Discount" in Singapore
    * [[Chung Chee Kit]]: President, Friends of Admiral [[Zheng He]] Society

    == [[Sports]] ==
    * Officials
    ** Dr [[Lau Teng Chuan]]: Secretary-General, [[Singapore National Olympic Council]], 1995-2002
    ** MAJ (Ret) [[Abbas Abu Amin]]: Chairman, [[Football Association of Singapore]], 1989-1991 – ''See Politics section''
    ** Charlie Chan: Founder-Chairman, now defunct Tyrwhitt Soccerites Football Club; Team manager, [[Singapore national football team]], 1970s; National football player, 1950s

  • * Olympians
    ** LTC (Ret) [[Kesavan Soon]]: Olympian (Athletics), 1956; Only schoolboy to represent Singapore in 1956 Melbourne Olympics
    ** Jerome Henderson: Olympian (Basketball), 1956; Only non-Chinese in the Singapore Olympics basketball team; Had also represented Singapore in athletics (high jump)
    ** [[Abdullah Hamid]]: Olympian (Hockey), 1956
    ** [[William Douglas Hay]]: Olympian (Hockey), 1956
    ** [[S Jeyathurai]]: Olympian (Hockey), 1956; Had also represented Singapore in football
    ** Dr [[A Vijiaratnam]]: Olympian (Hockey), 1956 – ''See Education section''
    ** [[Gan Eng Teck]]: Olympian (Water-polo), 1956; Gold medalist, national water-polo team, [[Asian Games]], 1954, silver medalist, [[Asian Games]], 1958 and 1966, and bronze medalist, [[Asian Games]], 1962
    ** [[Tan Wearn Haw]]: Olympian (Sailing), 2000; Bronze medalist, [[Asian Games]], 1998 and 2002; Sportsboy of the Year, 1992 and 1995; PSC Scholar; CEO, Singapore Sailing Federation
    ** [[Calvin Kang Li Loong]]: Olympian (Athletics), 2008

  • * [[Asian Games]] medalists
    ** [[Ong Choon Lim]]: Silver medalist, 4 x 200 metre swimming relay team, [[Asian Games]], 1954; Had also represented Singapore in water-polo
    ** [[Yong Chong Fatt]]: 4th-placing, national football team, [[Asian Games]], 1966

    * National Coaches/Captains and Record-holders
    ** [[Ali Ahmad]]: Sprint champion; First Singaporean to clock 10 seconds for the 100 yards, 1940
    ** [[Low Sin Chock]]: Sprint champion; Member of Singapore 4 x 100 metre relay team that set a new national record, 1963
    ** [[Fok Keng Choy]]: Former national discus and shot put records holder; Keng Choy held both records for more than 10 years (shot put 1970-1986 unbeaten) (discus 1980-86)
    ** [[Choo Seng Quee]]: Former national football coach; Coach of the Year, 1977; Only person to have coached national teams of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
    ** [[Robin Chan]]: National football coach, 1990-1992, and former national football player
    ** [[Vincent Subramaniam]]: National football coach, 1998-2000
    ** Dolfattah: 1930s football legend and former Singapore football captain

  • ** Abdul Rahman: Former natonal football player; played in a record nine Malaya Cup finals for Singapore from 1933 to 1950
    ** Sharif Madon, Wee Seng Pah, Charlie Chan – Malaya Cup stars, 1930s to 1950s
    ** [[Eric Paine]], [[Ho Kwang Hock]], [[Ronnie Liew]] and [[E Shanmugaretnam]]: National football players in the 1970s; Eric and Kwang Hock were members of the famous Singapore 1977 Malaysia Cup-winning team
    ** [[Harbhajan Singh Loomba]]: Former national hockey coach and former national captain, national player from 1957-1966; National coach of Singapore team that won Singapore only hockey gold medal in [[SEAP Games]], 1973
    ** [[Lam Yin Koi]]: National hockey coach, 1980s and captain, 1970s; Member of team that won Singapore only hockey gold medal in [[SEAP Games]], 1973; Had also represented Singapore in darts
    ** Hira Singh: National hockey captain, 1978-1982
    ** [[Song Koon Poh]]: National rugby player-coach and captain, 1970s-1980s; Member of team which achieved Singapore best-ever 3rd-placing, Asian Championships, 1978; Sportsman of the Year, 1978

  • ** [[S Sivalingam]]: Former national cricket captain, national player from 1960s-1980s
    ** [[Stacey Muruthi]]: National cricket captain, 1976, 1979-80s; One of the youngest national cricket player at the age of 17, 1970

    ** [[Cheong Cheng Swee]]: National badminton coach, 1970s-1980s, and player, 1950s-1970s; National badminton doubles champion, 1964-1965, 1967-1968

    ** [[Sunny Sultan]]: Former national softball coach and captain
    ** [[Seh Chin Chiow]] and [[Ang Ghee Leong]]: Former national table tennis players; Both represented Singapore in the inaugural Afro-Asian-Latin-American Invitational Tournament, Beijing, 1973, to which Chin Chiow was also the team captain

    ** [[Pang Kwok Leong]]: Represented Singapore at [[Chess Olympiads]], 1970, 1972 and 1974; National chess champion, 1971 and 1974

    ** [[Oey Liang Hien]]: National chess champion, 1970
    ** [[Douglas Ooi]]: Former national golf captain
    ** Jonathan Leong: National golf captain, 2009-

  • == [[Literary Arts|Literary]] and [[Performing Arts]] ==
    * [[Literature]]/[[Journalism]]
    ** [[A Samad Said]]: Malaysia Literature [[Laureate]]

    ** [[Al-Mansor Adabi]]: Managing Director/Managing Editor, The Malayan Law Journal, 1972-1987
    ** [[Ong Teong Hean]] [[(T H Ong)]]: Writer; Poet
    ** [[Colin Cheong]]: Writer; Former journalist
    ** [[Boey Kim Cheng]]: Writer; Poet

    ** [[Fathol Rahman Abdul Hamid]]: Malay writer
    ** [[Ravi Veloo]]: Multi-award winning journalist; Fullbright Scholar
    ** [[Melvin Singh]]: Executive Editor, [[The New Paper]]

    * [[Theatre]]
    ** [[Chandran K Lingam]]: Director, now defunct Experimental Theatre Club; One of the most talented directors in Singapore theatre history
    ** [[T Sasitharan]]: Founder and director, Theatre Training & Research Programme

  • * [[Film-making]]
    ** S Kadarisman: Famous Malay film director and actor
    ** [[Kelvin Tong|Kelvin Tong Weng Kian]] +: Film director; First Singaporean to direct a Hong Kong film * [[Music]]
    ** [[Keegan Ng]]: 2nd Singaporean to win Marion S. Gray Outstanding Musician Award
    ** [[Saiful Idris]] and [[Mohamad Affandy A Razak]]: Lead singer/guitarist and drummer of Indie band, "Great Spy Experiment", Singapore's sole representative to Sutasi, an Asia-wide music talent competition

    * [[Radio]]/[[Host]]
    ** [[Tan Swee Leong]] – Popular radio and television host in the 1970s-1980s
    ** [[S R S Naidu]] – Popular compere; Ventriloquist who is known as the "Birdman" of Singapore

  • VJC (some from VS as well):

    * [[Politics]] and [[Government]]
    ** [[Chia Ti Lik]]: Lawyer; Workers' Party candidate, 2006 General Elections
    ** [[Lam Yi Young]]: CEO, Maritime & Port Authority
    ** [[Wong Liang Chin Jeffrey]]: Division Director, Manpower Planning and Policy Division, Ministry of Manpower
    ** [[Lim Huay Chih]]: Director, School Planning & Placement, Ministry of Education
    ** [[Sng Chem Wei]]: Principal, Dunman High School; Presdient's Scholar; Youngest principal appointed in Singpaore

    * [[Corporate]] and [[Entrepreneurship]]
    ** [[Douglas Foo]]: Founder of [[Sakae Sushi]]; Entrepreneur of the Year, 1992
    ** [[Adam Khoo]]: Entrepreneur, best-selling author
    ** [[Goh Tzu Seoh]]: COO and co-founder, Lifebrandz
    ** [[Trina Liang-Lin]]: Executive Director, Royal Bank of Scotland
    ** [[Chua Shenzi]]: Board director,
    ** [[Willin Low]]: Owner, Wild Rocket, Lawyer turned restauranteur/chef

  • * [[Sports]]
    ** Football
    *** [[Fabian Tan]]: National Under-23 (Young Lions) footballer; One of the few Chinese and only NUS undergrad in SLeague

    ** Sailing
    *** [[Joan Huang]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 1998; Sportswoman of the Year, 1999; Best Team of the Year, 1999

    *** [[Koh Seng Leong]]: Olympian (Sailing), 2008
    *** [[Lo Manyi]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, SEA Games, 2005; Olympian (Sailing), 2008
    *** [[Toh Liying]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, SEA Games, 2005; Olympian (Sailing), 2008
    *** [[Deborah Ong]]: Olympian (Sailing), 2008
    *** [[Lim Tze Ting]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 2006
    *** [[Oh Da Hui]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 2006
    *** Sarah Tan: Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 2006
    *** [[Roy Tay]]: Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 2006; Flag-bearer, Singapore contingent, Asian Games, 2006; Sportsboy of the Year, 1999;

  • *** [[Teo Wee Chin]]: Singapore's first world youth sailing champion, World Youth Sailing Championships, 2005; Gold medalist, Sailing, SEA Games, 2005; Gold medalist, Sailing, Asian Games, 2006; Sportsboy of the Year, 2002

    ** Squash
    *** [[Mah Li Lian]]: SEA Games gold medalist and national squash champion; Sportsgirl of the Year, 1987; Sportswoman of the Year, 1989 and 1991

  • And these too:
    1. Seck Hong Chee, former VS boy – best all-round student at University of Singapore, 1964
    2. (Ms) Daylily Pan Soon, Head Prefect, also went on to top the medical faculty at University of Singapore.

  • * [[S Dhanabalan]]: Cabinet Minister, 1980-1993; Member of Parliament, 1978-1996; Chairman, [[Temasek Holdings]]
    * [[Aziz Ishak|Abdul Aziz Ishak]]: Cabinet Minister, Malaysia, 1955-1963; Younger brother of former President [[Yusof Ishak]]
    * [[Wee Toon Boon]]: Minister of State, 1965-1975; Parliamentary Secretary, 1959-1965; City Councillor, 1957-1959; Member of Parliament, 1959-1975
    * [[Peter Sung]]: Minister of State, 1988-1991; Member of Parliament, 1988-1997
    * [[Teo Ser Luck]]: Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports and Ministry of Transport and Member of Parliament, 2006-; Mayor, North East Community Development Council, 2009- * [[Sha'ari Tadin]]: Senior Parliamentary Secretary and Member of Parliament, 1968-1976; First Malay graduate PAP MP, 1968
    * Dr [[Sheng Nam Chin]]: Parliamentary Secretary, 1959-1961; Member of Parliament, 1959-1963; Founding member, [[Barisan Sosialis]]

  • Jeffrey Adam Lightfoot – lead S'pore to bronze medal at YOG.

  • Personally, I hope these Victorians can make it to the book:-
    Yusof Ishak
    C V Devan Nair
    S R Nathan
    Eu Chooi Yip
    Abdul Samad Ismail
    S Dhanabalan
    Aziz Ishak
    Dr Ong Chit Chung
    Teo Ser Luck
    Kanwaljit Soin (Ms)
    Thomas Thomas
    Assc Prof Ngiam Tee Liang
    Chiang Chie Foo
    Lam Chuan Leong
    Wong Hung Khim
    Dr Chew Chin Hin
    Dr Ngiam Tong Tau
    Dr A Vijiaratnam
    Prof Edwin Thumboo
    Prof Wee Chow Hou
    Prof Brian Lee Chang Leng
    Prof Sit-Wong Kim Ping (Ms)
    Chong Keng Choy
    Dr Law Song Seng
    Lee Fong Seng
    Lim Bok Hai
    LG (NS) Ng Yat Chung
    MG Neo Kian Hong
    MG Ng Chee Khern
    Air Vice Marshal Sulaiman Sujak
    Tee Tua Ba
    Prof Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim
    Koh Eng Tian
    Haji Sanusi Mahmood
    Ven Sik Kwang Sheng
    G Ramachandran
    Quek Leng Chan
    Lim Hua Min
    Mohamad Salleh Marican
    Liak Teng Lit
    Daniel Yun
    Ng Soo Nam
    Lua Cheng Eng
    Anthony Yeo
    Dr Koh Sek Khoon
    Charlie Chan
    Kesavan Soon
    Gan Eng Teck
    Tan Wearn Haw