50th Anniversary Celebrations …


Singapore has SG50 Golden Jubilee this year … 1968 Cohort of Victoria School will also celebrate its Golden Jubilee Re-union in 3 years’ time, in 2018 … Now, calling for all cohort of PreU 2E, 2A, 2M & 2P, of Victoria School in 1968, please do get in touch with :

Philip Chia Hua Meng (Ph: 98588788, Email: philipchia99@gmail.com)
Tan Swan Hoo (Ph: 96329668, Email: tanswanhoo@gmail.com)
James Han Kim Guan (Ph: 98171821, Email: jhan3115@gmail.com)

We will be happy for your response to our calling. We are planning for VS50 celebrations, including Dinner, Golf Game, Concert, Guided Tours, etc . More details later …

For your information, PreU 2E did the 40th Anniversary Reunion in 2008. Present Attendees included : School Teachers Mr & Mrs Lim Fang York, Class Monitor Khong Lai Cheong, Assistant Class Monitor Siew Wah Hoon, Theresa Lun Yoke Ming, Danny Low Poh Soon, and 30 other classmates. Your response will help us to realise bigger and grander celebrations in 2018 ! Yes, VS50 Golden Jubilee Re-union and Celebrations ! Contact us ! Cheers !