effective_tips_onEveryone has stress.It is how we manage our stress and turn it around for things better.Stress no more by learning what stress is and how to manage it to your advantage.Come for this special talk and bring home the skills for greater SUCCESS!

What you will learn :

  • What is STRESS?
  • How to manage Stress.
  • Looking at Stress in different angles.
  • Managing your stress for greater performance.

Effective-Tips-on-Tackling-Stress-TeensThe Speaker has more than 18 years of experience in training corporates and individuals internationally. He believes in constant improvement and has been a Cultivator of Human Potential to organisations and individuals. William is a motivator that educates, inspires and empowers individuals and organisations with results that lasts.

Venue : Victoria Junior College, Lecture Theatre 1

Time : 7pm-9pm

Date : 15 Aug 2014 (Fri)

Cost : Free of Charge

Light refreshment will be served.

Please register your interest, stating your

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Years in VS/VJC

with OVA at vp2@ova.org.sg by 11 Aug 2014 (Mon).