“V” for Victoria!

28 May 2014 marked the second Victorian Dinner organised by the OVA to reach out and connect with our alumnus family. With Mr SR Nathan and Mr Wong Hung Khim gracing the occasion, our brothers and sisters from Victoria School and Victoria Junior College enjoyed an evening of fellowship with good food and drinks at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant, Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel. As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. So with that, we would like to share photos taken of the evening with our caption: “V” for Victoria!

OVA has every intention to reach out to our large Victorian family and we hope to meet more of you in our future events.

Last but not least, OVA would like to thank once again our brothers Victor Ow, Ong Teong Pin and Michael Ong for their respective sponsorship of wine and whisky. OVA’s second Victorian Dinner would not have been possible without these 3 kind Victorians and the attendance of our guests. Nil Sine Labore!