VJCGoldenVillage2013With generous support from the alumni, the OVA organised movie treats for the graduating cohorts in VS and VJC for the second year running.

For this year, the movie chosen was Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World at GV Katong.

360 students from VS turned up on November 18th while 390 students from VJC attended on December 4th.

The VJC students enjoyed their movie. Coming straight after their “A” Levels, this was a relaxing break for everyone. It was obvious from the noisy cinema hall that everyone relished the opportunity to be together as much as catching the movie.

Dennis Chia, Muthu Krishnan and Abdul Hamid Sultan from the OVAMC gave their expressions of well-wishes from the alumni.  We wish each and every one of them the very best for their exams and as they move on next year.

We are glad that more students from the cohorts this year have signed up to join our OVA Youth Chapter. We trust that the OVA will provide them the platform to remain engaged with the schools, their teachers and mentors, their classmates and friends as well as the larger Victorian alumni family as they move on in life.

These young Victorians will be the ones to carry our spirit forward and to keep our flag unfurled!

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