Speech by Mr Tan Jee Ming, President of the Old Victorians’ Association to the Departing Cohort of Victoria School 2013.

My fellow Victorians,

jeeming speechA good morning to all of you.

When I was first invited by Mr Andrew Lim to talk to all of you during this farewell assembly, I thought it was rather ironic. This is because it is during this occasion that I get to say Hello to all of you.

I suppose in reality this is not a farewell at all.

It simply marks a phase of your 4 years of education in VS.

4 years of sharing your lives with each other, learning from & living the Victoria experience.

The experience that you had gone through & the friendships that you have forged will, I believe become a part of your Victoria DNA.

This DNA will always be a part of you wherever you are carried to the world. I am confident that your Victoria DNA will stand you in good stead as you face the many challenges awaiting you.

Use it as your compass & you will always be properly guided.

Also cherish & maintain your relationship with one another for through this, the Victoria Brotherhood is strengthened. Assist each other & help your fellow Victorian brothers move up the rungs of life’s ladder.

In your time, this Brotherhood will proved to be invaluable.

Use the OVA as a platform to keep yourself connected.

The OVA organizes a litany of activities at various levels all designed to engage Victorians as comprehensively as possible.

Check out the OVA website.

Come participate in these activities & be actively involved.

Your signing up today is a step towards that direction.

Together, we can forge a much more dynamic alumni.

In all that you do, remember that you are truly a son of Victoria.

Be the best that you can be.

Always endeavour to bring honour & glory to her name & keep her flag unfurled.

Finally, I wish all of you the best in your coming examinations & we will see each other again at the movie event after that.

Nil Sine Labore.

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Update 2013-10-22: More photos at VS website.