Achieved Like A VictorianOVA conveys our heartiest congratulations to the Principal, all staff and the cohort for the excellent performance!

From VJC:

The 2011 cohort of Victorians have done exceedingly well for the 2012 A-Level Examinations.

Overall Performance

  • About 1 in 2 Victorians scored at least 3 distinctions in H2 content-based subjects.
  • At least 1 in 3 Victorians achieved at least 87.5 *University Admission Points, with 61 students attaining perfect points of 90.
  • 47 students attained at least 7 distinctions.
  • 99.3% of Victorians achieved a Pass for General Paper, maintaining our record-breaking results.
  • Our JC2 students have also done us proud, by attaining 26.5% Distinctions for Mother Tongue Languages.

Analysis by Subjects

  • 22 subjects achieved 100% passes.
  • The H2 subjects with 100% passes are Art, China Studies in English, China Studies in Chinese, Geography, History, Knowledge and Inquiry, Literature, Physics, Tamil Language and Literature, and Theatre Studies and Drama.
  • The H1 subjects with 100% passes are Bengali, Biology, China Studies in English, Geography, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Literature, Mathematics, Punjabi and Tamil.
  • 10 H3 subjects achieved 100% passes and the H3 subjects that achieved 100% Distinctions and Merit are Game Theory and Competition, Geography, History, Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Proteomics and Science Research.

Students who received 7 or more distinctions

11A12 Myle Yan Tay
11A14 Tan Pei Xian
11A15 Lee Jia Lun
11S31 Ter Soo Kai
11S32 Chloe Chan Xiaoyun
11S32 Lau Zheng Fong
11S33 Nicholas Lua Swee Yang
11S33 Kee Xiang Lee Jamie
11S39 Lim Cheng Yee
11S41 Zhao Xueyan
11S41 Zhuo Ran
11S42 Karen Ang Mei Yi
11S42 Zhang Yifei
11S42 Nadia Nathanael
11S43 Li Shusen
11S43 Adimulya Kartiyasa
11S44 Li Bingqing
11S44 Lee Song Chiang Sean
11S46 Cai Zhenyu
11S46 Ji Mengdi
11S46 Tay Xun Yang
11S47 Jonathan Ong Li Qun
11S47 Sun Liyang
11S47 Cao Xindan
11S47 Ong Wan Ling
11S47 Yong Jia Wern
11S48 Kong Wei Chung
11S48 Wang Chenxi
11S51 Loy Wen Bin
11S51 Wang Kairui
11S51 Yin Zhu Yun
11S52 Chua Yan Ting Rachel
11S52 Lee Xin Yi
11S53 Bian Xuefei
11S53 Ong Jia Wei
11S53 Wang Yalan
11S53 Yang Ruo Chen
11S54 Tay Wei Yang
11S54 Liu Sicen
11S55 Wang Si Hui
11S61 Irene Cyrena
11S61 Lee Pi Ying
11S62 Cheng Chaoyi
11S62 Chia Si Hao Branzann
11S62 Kevin Tan Jia Wei
11S62 Yang Jianyi
11S64 Zheng Yun Di

In all, 47 Victorians received at least 7 distinctions while 144 Victorians received at least 6 distinctions.

*The University Admission Score is computed based on a maximum score of 90 points, and takes into account General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry, Project Work, 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects.

Source: VJC