Excellent Results

Excellent Results

OVA would like to share with you the excellent results achieved by the Class of 2012 Victorians for the GCE “O” Level, extracting the following information from the Principal.

1. The 2012 GCE O Level results were comparable and in some aspects better than the 2011 cohort.
The L1R5 is 10.8, an improvement of 0.1 over the previous cohort. We have 109 number of students who scored 5A1s and above – an improvement of 3% over the previous cohort. 192 students scored L1R5 of 10 or better. We also have many all-rounders who achieved balance in both studies, CCA and student leadership duties.

2. 2012 was a a good year as Victorians continued the impressive achievements in the sports (winning 13 national Top 4 and 7 zonal Top 4 titles), uniformed groups and performing arts. We were also National Champions for Cross-Country B Division, Floorball B & C Divisions, and Wushu B Division. (Key achievements are shown in the attached fact sheet)

3. The sterling results would not have been possible without the commitment of everyone, including staff and students. The excellent O level results, in spite of the roll-out the Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme, shows the success of the dual-track structure and our balanced emphasis on both the Express and O Level tracks.

On behalf of the alumni, OVA congratulates the principal, staff, support staff and students for attaining such stellar performance. We believe VS would continue to strive under the leadership of principal, Mr Andrew Lim and his outstanding team.