86 countries visited OVA

86 countries visited OVA

It’s the end of the year and here are some interesting statistics from our website for 2012.

In 2012, we had the most number of visitors from Singapore.  After Singapore, the US and UK were not far behind.  We also had visits from Australia, Indonesia, India, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Argentina and Brazil.  In total, visitors from 86 countries came to our website.

Our alumni are indeed in all parts of the world.  If you are in China or Europe, you may wish to link up with Victorians in China or Victorians in Europe.

The most popular article based on the number of comments was VICTORIA135, our celebration for the 135th anniversary of Victoria School.

The most popular article based on the number of views was Where’s Your Yearbook?, where we announced that Victoria School has digitised all yearbooks dating back to 1948.  Visit the Heritage Online Photo Gallery if you have not done so.

Many of our visitors came to our website because they were searching for Victoria and Victoria-related information.  The most popular keywords that landed people onto our website were “china”, “ova blog”, “victoria school singapore”, “old victorians association”, and “old victorian association”.

Finally, our top referral sites were Facebook, Victoria School and Victoria Junior College.

In view of this data and other observations, we have launched a refresh of the OVA website.  In the new design, you will see deeper Facebook integration including commenting, more pictures, fresher colours, and more timely news updates via our newsletter and social media channels.  We are really excited by how far the website has come since 2004 and look forward to making this the best alumni website (1, 2) in Singapore.

Happy New Year!