Victorian Gold

Victorian Gold

Join the Big Wig Vics for this Big Vic Gig.

This is a big reunion party of Tyrwhitt Victorians.

We will have Old Vics from as far back as the 1930s (now 90+years young) to celebrity & famous Victorians from Victoria’s Golden Era (1940s-50s) & present-day VIPs Vics … … to Boys from the roaring 1960s/’70s.

Come meet your long lost friends and former teachers & Principals!

Date: 1 February 2013 (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Victoria School.  2 Siglap Link, Singapore 448880

Round up your Old Vic kakis for this long-awaited event.

Email: to register.

Limited seats available.  Register now.