The new OVAMC has been keeping a low profile while busy getting up to speed with their new responsibilities and the organisation of activities such as Kampung Breakfast, concert, golf, survey and an on-going revamp of the website to make it more interactive and social.

With the successful completion of the Annual General Meeting, Mr Tan Jee Ming has been elected as the new President of the Council, taking over from Mr Vernon Teo who stepped down after two consecutive successful terms (four years). Successions also took place at other levels with the election of a new First Vice President Mr Chan Joo Peng and Second Vice President Mr Adrian Tan Eng Chai.

Mr Roshaizan Bin Sapan was named the new Honorary General Secretary with Mr Teo Zhan Rui as the new Honorary General Assistant Secretary.

The Council also welcomes new management members Mr Dexter Chua and Mr Dennis Chia Cheng who come in as Sports Secretary and Assistant Sports Secretary respectively. New management members also include Mr Abdul Hamid Sultan who comes in as Assistant Social Secretary. Mr Ganessaraj Soocelaraj takes on new responsibility as Social Secretary.

With the smooth succession, OVA would like to thank Mr Vernon Teo, Executive Director of CPG Productions, for his valuable leadership and contribution in the last four years. A highlight of Mr Teo’s leadership includes the 135th anniversary celebrations in 2011.

Commenting on his election, the newly elected OVA President, Mr Tan Jee Ming said: “This council sees a good mix of old and new faces. It ensures that we have the experience of our past to guide us as we continue to explore new ways to engage our alumni. I look forward to working with Victorians young and old to create an exciting community.”

The results of the latest AGM underscored the successful efforts by the OVA to continue to build on its management strength and continued plans for smooth succession. The council is pleased to be able to co-opt many new members into the enlarged committee while some of the original council members continue to serve in the committee to provide the necessary support and continuity. New member Ms Dionne Lai Rui Xian together with Ms Carol Loo May San will provide valuable perspective to the alumni, especially in extending the scope of OVA activities towards the female cohort of both Victoria School and Victoria Junior College.

The full list of the 17 council members, 1 advisor and 2 school representatives elected are given below.

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”] President
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Honorary General Secretary
Assistant Honorary General Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Sports Secretary
Assistant Sports Secretary
Social Secretary
Assistant Social Secretary
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
VS Representative
VJC Representative
Immediate Past President
[/column][column width=”47%” padding=”0″] Mr Tan Jee Ming
Mr Chan Joo Peng
Mr Adrian Tan Eng Chai
Mr Roshaizan Bin Sapan
Mr Teo Zhan Rui
Mr Royce Lee Siak Leng
Ms Carol Loo May San
Mr Dexter Chua Yang Ming
Mr Dennis Chia Cheng
Mr Ganessaraj Soocelaraj
Mr Abdul Hamid Sultan
Dr Wu Pang Hung
Mr James Tan
Ms Dionne Lai Rui Xian
Mr Jason Lim Ee Kiat
Mr Marcus Chow
Mr Muthu Krishnan
Mr Tan Chong Kiat
Mr Muhammad Najib B Said Madina
Mr Vernon Teo
Mr Tng Kim Guan

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