Would you like to have a permanent email-forwarding address that looks like YourName@NilSineLabore.com?

Along with institutes of education such as NUS, MIT and Stanford, where alumni are given a life-time email-forwarding or email account, OVA is considering this. We have received varying levels of interest and would like to ascertain if some of the costs associated with running such a service can be recovered from users in addition to our many kind sponsors.

Please let us have your thoughts via the poll below.

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  • Hi James,
    It is possible to have a YourName @ NilSineLabore.com that is FREE.
    It can be hosted by Gmail.
    That is how VJC and DHS did it.
    i.e. youname@vjc.sg or yourname@dhs.sg

  • Hi KYT,

    I assume you are referring to Google Apps? If so, Google Apps is free for educational institutions. For the Free Edition, it can support up to 10 users only. So unless Google Apps free (and unlimited) can be extended to alumni bodies, I am afraid we won't be able to use it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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