We’re pleased to announce that the 5th Victoria Soccer Challenge will be held in conjunction with Victorians’ Day
on Saturday, 3rd March 2012 at Victoria School.
It’s a 6-a-Side Soccer competition,
8 mins of One half only, played on a
half pitch with standard goalposts.
Registration will be closed as soon as we have enough number of Teams or latest by 18th February 2012.
So gather your fellow Victorians to form a Team for a “Re-Union”
More details in the Poster or for further queries, do drop me an email at roshaizan@ova.org.sg
Victoria Soccer Challenge 2012 – Report By Dexter Chua
When asked (coerced more likely) to write an article for the blog, I like any good Victorian, decided to procrastinate and watch football stuff on youtube for “inspiration” What’d ya know… It works la babes. Somewhere in the archives of youtube lays this video

“Live for Love United” a song by Youssou N’Dour for the 2002 World Cup with a video of the biggest stars in football (then), telling us it’s more than just a game and in its fifth incarnation, the 2012 Victorian Soccer Challenge (VSC) has come a distance. My brothers (I would love to add “and sisters” but… COME ON GIRLS!!! SEND A TEAM NEXT YEAR!!!) will attest it’s no longer just a competition.

There was something distinctly different this year. The air lacked something that lingered previously. The tension was less, the rivalry was friendly, the favorites were relaxed and everyone seemed to know everyone else…. Winning didn’t seem to matter so much did it? The VSC had been exploited. Exploited as an excuse, as a lure, used to reel friends (lost in the mountains of Nepal, hiding in the obscurity of unfitness, hiding behind ginormous burgers and fast food chains) back. Superstar strikers were playing last man, flicks and tricks, were on display and Love was in the air. Love for the game, Love for our “brudders”, Love for the times we had and miss.

From watching little boys celebrate match winning goals as if they were in the World Cup, to listening to grumpy old men condemning the world as it has become with a slew of profanity in place of punctuation. It’s unimaginable how much nostalgia 8 minutes of football separated by 20 minutes of waiting between games brings. Oddly an event that was initiated to bring Victorians together to, “TKSS” and immersed themselves in memories, has now got its own set of memories attached to it.

So here’s from me on behalf of the OVA and OVA soccer, to all my brothers from other mothers that were there with us in person, in heart, in soul and in memory. For those that were there, we love you, we miss you, we can’t wait to see you and substitute_with_profanity_of_choice you. For those that weren’t…. Don’t be cheap, pay the money, come play the game, meet the people and stop giving excuses.

P.S: Canoeist can’t do penalties.

Dexter Chua
Errrrr… thanks Dex!
Any similarities to any alphabets (be it written or thought of), in the above write-up were purely coincidental. No letters were harmed nor were there any injuries or damages sustained….

Our congratulations and sincere thanks to all fellow Victorians and guests, VSP Andrew, VS Staff, Sng, Nathaniel, Eeson & the various VS CCA groups, namely the
1. VS Photography Club – Joel Guek
2. VS AV Club Boys (sorry did not catch your names)
3. VS Red Cross Society, Joel Tong (4A), Benedict Liew (3G), Zhi Jun (3G), Abdul Hakeem (3C), Tian Cheng (3I), Wen Hao (3H) & Zheng Qun (4J) for the assistance provided.

The Junior Category were won by ‘Team Anyhow Whack’ (captained by Edmund Pun) after winning by a goal, against the ‘V Losers’.
Whilst in the Open Category, the ‘Warriors’ (captained by Wong Loo Wah), triumphed over the ‘Nepalese Army’ 6-5, in the ‘sudden-death’ penalty shootouts.

Tributes to behind-the-scenes ‘worker bees’, Dexter Chua, David Law, Jeremy Han, Khalid Shashi Nair, OVA Council Members, Mr Lim Chap Huat, Mr Ho Kiat Chong, Tan Jee Ming, Chan Joo Peng, Adrian Tan Eng Chai, Ganessaraj Soocelaraj, Wu Pang Hung and ALL other Council Members for their support and encouragement.

Roshaizan Sapan
aka Zan
VS 1975-1978
Sports Secretary
Old Victorians’ Association

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