Mrs. Lee Kian Soon will be retiring from service at the end of August 2011. She has been an inspirational teacher at Victoria School for 36 years!

Sec 4 Class in 1978

We are calling for messages remembering and appreciating the things that Mrs. Lee Kian Soon had done for her students, department and school. As she has been with the school for 36 loyal years, it is only fitting that we get tributes for Mrs Lee from as wide a time span as possible. This would also be a wonderful way to unite different batches of old boys together in recognising her as a pillar of the school and giving her the warmest send-off. In providing the write-ups, please keep to the following:

  1. Brief description of what she did for you
  2. Brief description of something about her that has stayed with you
  3. Brief description of something you wish to say, but never had opportunity to
  4. Give a photograph if you can, of you then and of you now, so that she can remember

Be brief, succinct, but also sufficiently specific. We would like vignettes.

Please provide your full name, class and year.

Please forward to by 20th August 2011.

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