Our seventh profile will be of Mr. Justin Arul Pierre. He is the son of the late Mr. Rettnam Pierre. Grab your tickets for the dinner quick, to get your chance to see him in person and thank him for the memorable days you had in VS.

Q1. What are you currently doing ?

I am currently the Principal of Pasir Ris Primary School.

Q2. What are your fond memories of VS ?

I am always fascinated by the strong Victorian Spirit among the staff and students of the school. It is a spirit that animates daily and is very much part of the culture and ethos of the school. At VS, the value we constantly perpetuate in the students and staff is that of doing our best, improving at all times and striving for excellence in line with the school’s motto of “NIL SINE LABORE” . I am also proud of the school’s commitment towards providing an all-round and balanced education for every student that walks through the portals of the school and in making ordinary individuals do extraordinary things. That is why VS is not an ordinary school. It is something more. It demands the very best from each and every student and in return offers each the very best that an education can offer.

My proudest moment was when myself and my late father , Mr Rettnam Pierre (ex-teacher and soccer coach of Victoria School from the period 1960 – 1992 ) were instrumental in leading VS to emerge National Champions in the Inter- Schools C Division Soccer Championships in 1992.

Q3. What advice can you give to the new teachers who have joined the school ?

The well-being and interest of the students must always come first and must be at the centre of everything that they do. To remain true to the school’s philosophy that every student matters, the focus has to be about engaging all students, taking into cognizant the students’ diverse backgrounds, abilities, aspirations and interests.

The new teachers must also not be afraid to take calculated risks and experiment with new ways of doing things. They must be prepared to come out from their comfort zones , make mistakes and see these as positive learning experiences moving forward. They must also be guided by their shared values and core principles and have a clear sense of purpose and take pride in whatever they do. Also, they must be passionate and committed towards serving as good role-models in demonstrating the school values in their relationship with students, stakeholders and fellow colleagues.

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