Our second profile will be of Mr. Tng. Grab your tickets for the dinner quick, to get your chance to see him in person and thank him for the memorable days you had in VS.

1) What are you doing now?

I retired from the education service 7 years ago, and am currently working part time as an advisor to the Ministry of Education (MOE) on some matters, and as an associate trainer for MOE and the Civil Service College.

2) What are your fondest memories of Victoria?

The people: my colleagues and students, and singing the school song.

3) Any message for present teachers? Words of wisdom?

To enrich your experiences and your life, and those of others at Victoria: be a Victorian.

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  • gayatri68
    9 July 2011 18:35

    Thank you, Mr Tng,

    yes, the Victoria School Song

    "Victoria School in Singapore
    There are other schools we know
    Victoria School is something more
    The school that watch'd us grow


    How we loved the song,
    as an old schoolmate fondly recollected,
    "We sang the song with gusto!"

    And we recalled this fellow student, in 1968,
    Mr Wong Yoke Mun, who would wield the baton
    and the school would sing to his promptings
    at the school assembly held on the Tyrwhitt field.

    Nil Sine Labore

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