Our fifth profile will be of Mrs. Jessie Daryanani. Her former students will know her as Miss Thye. Grab your tickets for the dinner quick, to get your chance to see her in person and thank her for the memorable days you had in VS.

1) What are you doing now?

I’m now a senior teacher teaching at Elias Park Primary and retiring end of this year.

2) What are your fondest memories of Victoria?

I was at the old school ground in the early 1980s. I remember fondly the great bunch of boys I took when I was only in my twenties especially my first class, Sec IG 1981. They brought a lot of joy and challenge in my early years of teaching. I could already see then that they were leaders. They not only made me a better teacher but as a person too. I had wonderful colleagues who made my short stay in VS a memorable one that I cherish till today.

3) Any message for present teachers? Words of wisdom?

As we prepare the young with the 21st century skills, one area not to forget is the development of their self confidence, their self worth. That they are able to believe they have in them to pursue and achieve their dreams.

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  • Ms Thye mentioned about the Sec 1G class of 1981 and she could see then that the boys were already leaders.
    just curious, reading the OVA office bearers' list, several of them were VS students from 1981-84, including Ser Luck, Vernon and Kevin. These are probably some of the boys in Jessie's class?

    Nil Sine Labore

  • Chua Kheng Soon
    12 August 2011 09:54

    I was in the Sec1G class of 1981. Of course I could still remember Ms Thye as the kind, gentle, approachable but firm teacher. As expected, boys are still boys and the class can get really rowdy….

  • I am a boy from 1991.. remembered her as one of the best teachers. Because of her I am now a teacher myself. Wish I had the chance to see her again.
    If she does receive this from her mail. My name is Ahmad.

  • (TET) Tiong Eng Tan
    25 May 2021 11:51

    I was from 1G in 1981. Always remember her as being kind, gentle and sometimes shy. But always firm and make sure we do well in our studies. Thank you Miss Thye.

    Tan Tiong Eng
    VS and VJC Alumni

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