Former VS at Tyrwhitt Road

The most-awaited event of the year in the Victorian calendar is almost here! Have you found 9 other kakis to book a table for the dinner? You do not want to miss the 135th Anniversary of Victoria. Hurry, book now!

Note: You may book individually or in smaller groups too. 🙂

Date: Sunday 18th September 2011
Venue: Tyrwhitt Road
Time: 7pm to 10pm
No of Tables: 135 of 10 seats

Table Pricing Categories

Category S11 – Specially for students and NSF Alumni with student cards and S11s.

Per Table – $600

Category 1 – Victorians

Per Table – $1000

Category 2 – Individual donors or well wishers

Per Table –$3,000 & above

Donors will be allocated 2 seats. Full tax exemption status for donations

Category 3 – Corporate donors and well wishers

Per Table – $15,000 and above

Donors will be allocated 1 table. Full tax exemption status for donations

Seating Arrangement

Plan is to have seating grouped chronologically (eg. 1970 to 1980) to allow Victorians of each year/years to interact. Seating arrangements will be finalized closer to the event.

Booking Procedure

Bookings by tables preferred. Names and contacts to be provided to OVA Sales Team to follow up with confirmation, payment and ticket issuance.

Bookings can be made through:

  1. OVA Website – leave name and contact for OVA sales team to contact and confirm bookings.
  2. OVA Sales Team directly:
Contact Email Mobile
Adrian Tan 9819-2846

Payment by cheques to ‘Victoria School’. Bookings will be confirmed and tickets issuedupon receipt of payments. Cheques to sent to Adrian Tan at 585, Upper Changi Road,Apollo Garden, Singapore 486996. (edited as of 10 May 2011)

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  • wishing OVA all success! this will truly be a homecoming esp for former students who studied at the Tyrwhitt campus

  • How to buy just one ticket?

  • hello M K Liew, just contact Adrian at the Handphone No. that is provided. Cheers. 🙂

  • Adrian Tan
    16 May 2011 02:34

    Hi, thank you for your encouragement! Will be great if you can also gather your classmates to join the celebration and relive the good old times! Drop me a note to my email address!

  • Arthur Goh Y S
    20 June 2011 17:46

    Will be there with some of my PreU classmates. Hope to catch up with some of my Sec 4 class of '65 there. Yes, this is one event every true Victorian of the Tywhitt Days should attend, Just strolling through the corridors of this majectic huilding would pump plenty of nostalgic memories through my head.


  • well said, Mr Arthur Goh

    Victoria School is something more

    this, the opening line of our school song will forever etch in our minds

    Nil Sine Labore!

  • Lim Yue Wen
    28 June 2011 14:09

    hi, not sure where else to post this. this is regarding the VS135 dinner. many of my friends are awaiting a response or aknwledgment after sending their cheques, some over a month ago. can someone please help to chase the organisers to be quicker in responding? tks

  • Is tickets for the dinner still available .. one pax for me?

  • Dear MK and Download Key Logger (apologies but old foggy like me not sure who is who leh),

    Please sms me your details – name, email & hp contact, year of graduation and number of seats and we will arrange to collect your payments and to send you the tickets.

    We are very close to the event and therefore need to do this fast.

    To date, we have close to 160 tables, including students who are national champions, 6 tables of your favourite ex-teachers, VIPs, etc.. It is going to be a fantastic family gathering for Victorians of all ages and eras right in front of our grand old school building for once!!

    So book your seats and tables quickly as we are only 3 weeks away from the evening. We will be sending out the communique on the evening's programme, parking options, etc.. Don't make your fellow Victorian volunteers work overtime to process late bookings if you can?


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