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  • Muthu Krishnan
    9 October 2010 10:10

    Well done, at last people get to know the story. Good work. I am very glad and proud that OVA has stood and fought for what is, a new chapter in "Victoria's" history. As groups like to people say, well "We are Victorians, make no mistake about that"

  • I would like to suggest that OVA and VS consider a detailed PR campaign to feature successful alumni of VS (eg producing Presidents, Generals, top Police Officers, CEO, top sportsmen, businessman, school leaders, professors, etc). I am convinced more of the young will be impressed with the track record, and will be motivated to join the school. And the general public will get to know more of the VS heritage. VS/ OVA can run a series of advertisement in the local papers and have each of the very prominent and succssful alumni made a statement about how VS impacted them. Except for RI, there is possibly no school which can match VS in producing Presidents (the highest office in Singapore).

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