OVA will be holding the third Victoria Soccer Challenge at Victoria School on Saturday, 22nd May 2010.
It is a 6-a-Side Soccer competition,
9 mins of One half only, played on a
half pitch with standard goalpost.
Registration will close on 8th May 2010.
So gather your Victorian friends to form a Team and
“Come Back Home”.

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  • Roshaizan Bin Sapan
    2 May 2010 16:57

    Email me at roshaizan@ova.org.sg for the entry forms!

  • OLD victorian
    3 May 2010 14:26

    The format is not fair for veterans. This can be seen from the format last year when the old-timers tried but naturally struggled against the younger players. We should have a separate veterans catagory for example, average age of players is 40 years old and above. This will ensure a level playing field. Otherwise, there's really no point for older victorians to play. If there are fewer teams, these veteran teams can play a round robin format. There is still time to make adjustments to the format before closing date. Alternatively, the veterans should be given some sort of handicap e.g. player advantage to balance the playing field. Please do! And do not postpone the decision till next year. OVA should know this is only the right thing to do.

  • Alamak, brudders, this is for the Victorian community to enjoy ourselves, never mind all this fairness, or unfairness! Congrats, Zan, on your appointment as OVA Sports Secretary.

  • OLD victorian
    4 May 2010 13:43

    Bro, following your argument, we might as well collapse all the categories into one! Of course they will enjoy themselves (i think), but Victorians should always do the right thing. Deep down we know it is the right thing to do. Its a "tournament" after all. I am just articulating a feedback that I know and heard about, and I hope the organisers would like to know and rectify. No hard feelings.

  • maybe change to 'festival' and include a category for veterans only or a mix of veterans and youngsters for a good kickabout

    we have too many 'tournaments' already, time to relax once in a while, more so when it is for fostering the Victorian camaraderie?

  • not again
    4 May 2010 17:26

    Soccer AGAIN?? Nothing against soccer but sports does not equal just soccer. How about other sports??

  • Roshaizan
    14 May 2010 08:22

    Morning Abang Old Victorian,
    I've checked all the entry forms and not a single Team have players that are all above 45 years, which is the benchmark set by FAS, as per the FAS 9 tourney…
    I agree it is a "Tournament" after all, but when it was started it, the idea was to get Victorians to gather their year mates and have a sort of an excuse and get "time off" from the family, to get fit and to meet up with old kakis and just be themselves, instead of being the CEO or CFO or MD or VP… no disrespect to anyone at all…
    We did discuss this '"age gap", when we started it in 2008, and that was why we've included the option of having 3 guest Players, who are non Victorians, for they can be anyone or someone…

  • Roshaizan
    14 May 2010 08:32

    Hi Abang oldvic
    Thank you for you are very right…
    it is basically for the Victorian community and that is why, this Soccer challenge was mooted…
    therefore, you still have your 3 lifelines of
    a. Ask the Audience
    b. Call a Friend
    c. 50 / 50
    Appointment as Sports Sec?
    now… this is something that i need more than 3 lifelines…

  • Roshaizan
    14 May 2010 08:46

    Dear Abang not again
    A hundred and ten percent that Sports does not equal soccer…
    and since your comment is on this VSC post, i gather that you would like OVA to hold other sports apart from Soccer…
    but Soccer is my forte, from playing, coaching, refereeing, organising and commenting, whereas in most other Sports, i am but a Total Zero…
    Thus, OVA and I, will be very appreciative, if anyone can come forward to contribute their ideas, time and expertise to provide more sporting events for our fellow Victorians.
    Do drop me an email at victorian1978@ymail.com

  • you know, for all the info in the poster and posts, there wasn't an event kickoff time included haha. what time do we meet?

    as for other sports, how about ……. netball? nah i'm just joking, too many rules involved. but i agree definitely if you have a passion and maybe knowledge in some other sport you can offer your services to the committee.

  • Roshaizan Bin Sapan
    19 May 2010 00:20

    Paiseh Bro panicker, Paiseh…
    My mistake… but will take our Fellow Victorian who did the poster for free, to tasked!!!….
    Don't think so!
    Anyway, an email has been sent to all the Team Captains on Monday, 17th May to "Come Back Home" by 8am…
    At 8.15am, the drawing of lots, to determine which House, the Team will be in….
    The first 2 games will kickoff at 8.30am and it's plan to wrap up by 3.30pm, latest…
    The Open Category will have 4 Houses, namely,
    Glam (Red)
    Kallang (Blue)
    Whampoa (Purple)
    Rochor (Yellow)
    and since the Senior Category (the Sec 3 and 4 students) have got only 5 teams and they being the 'Green Victorians' (no offence, ya!) they will be housed in Kapor.
    Hope it clarifies…
    Do drop me an email at victorian1978@ymail.com, if you need further info and I also hope that I get my colour combination, right…

  • Hi Brudder Zan,

    Thanks to Old Victorian like your goodself, that we have this avenue for old boys to get together on a Saturday morning, have a good kickabout, and best of all, relish in the great spirit of the School that is Something More.

    Well done, Zan, and all in your committee.

    Nil Sine Labore!

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