Dear OVA life members,

Please be reminded of OVA AGM this coming Friday (26/Mar/2010) 6pm at Victoria School. Do refer to Notice of AGM for agenda, posted on OVA website on 26/Feb/2010.

Joo Peng
Honorary General Secretary

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  • Geyalng Bahru
    28 March 2010 13:00

    Anything interesting at the meeting?

  • has a new committee been elected? is Mr Vernon Teo still the president? He did a fantastic job in leading the old boys to get the MOE to reject the VJC's proposal to go the full six year path and in spearheading the organisation of the various OVA activities, in particular the highly successful OVA dinner last year.

  • Learn to Respect Oth
    10 April 2010 14:50

    yes… a new council has been elected with Mr Vernon Teo as the President for a 2nd term…

  • gayatri16apr
    17 April 2010 12:16

    heard some rumblings among old victorians of the older vintage. OVA committee more devoted to the younger Old Victorians? good to have a unified Old Victorian community where everyone feels at home regadless of the age, social background, ideological bend, and so. VS is a school that is highly regarded in our society for the egalitarian spirit of its old students. We must continue to cherish this ethos. Nil Sine Labore!

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