A poll was conducted online from 14/08/2009 to 08/01/2010 (~5 months) for the following question with three response options:

Are you for or against VJC implementing its own Secondary school programme?

1. FOR. VJC should decide the best way to compete in a changing education environment.
2. AGAINST. VJC should not become a competitor to VS.
3. IT DOES NOT MATTER as long as the Victoria name remains strong.

Poll results (Text)

No. of responses for option 1: 58 (11.4%)

No. of responses for option 2: 381 (74.6%)

No. of responses for option 3: 72 (14.1%)

Total number of responses received: 511 (Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding)

Poll results (Graphical)

[poll id=”3″]

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