Date : 8th September 2009
Attention : Victoria Executive Committee / Victoria Advisory Committee

Dear Sir


On behalf of the OVA and the Victorian Alumni, I am writing to you in respect of the above captioned matter.

As you are aware, VJC has decided to proceed with its own IP despite almost unanimous objections from the alumni and a counter offer by the OVA to merge the two schools into an IP institution, one that will maintain the 133-year-old heritage of VS.

At earlier meetings in March/October 2008, the roadmap for these 2 institutions and the various options available were discussed with Yat Chung and various opinion leaders in the presence of both principals. During that meeting, all parties had expressed their opinions and more importantly came to the agreement that the OVA will be consulted if any major decisions are to be made in respect of VS and/or VJC especially regarding the implementation of any IP.

Without any consultation being made, VJC made the above proposal/submission to MOE. It is understood that the VAC/VEC had backed and supported such a move.

VJC’s endeavour has caused much grief and disagreement among Victorians. One only needs to go into any popular cyber platform to gain a flavour and the extent of the views expressed by fellow Victorians on this issue. There is also an online petition being circulated. Whilst it is heartening to see Victorians rallying on this issue, it is also equally painful for matters to come to this state. If the VAC/VEC had consulted the OVA and the alumni on this issue, I believe that matters may not have developed in this manner.

I have now received queries regarding the full particulars of the process which the VAC/VEC had adopted to come to this decision. Was there a vote taken on this issue and if so, please provide full details of the voting process, the parties who voted and the outcome.

I need the above information so that these can be shared with fellow Victorians who are desirous and keen to be fully appraised of matters that had transpired.

Given the urgency and gravity of this matter, I trust that the VAC/VEC will work with us at the OVA expediently. As such, I appreciate a written reply from you as soon possible.

Sincerely Yours,
Vernon Teo
Old Victorians’ Association