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  • Hi, I do not know how to start a new thread. So I will just put it here. Can the administrator move it to a new thread?

    Hope some of you can take some time to take a look at 'Victoria School' in wikipedia, and input/correct information there, if any.

    Recently, a non-Singaporean moderator, with good intention perhaps, even changed the English version of VS's motto from 'Nothing Without Labour' to "Nothing Without Work'. At times, it has been vandalised.

    This is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_School

  • Morning Abang.
    I have forwarded your request to the administrators of our OVA Blog.

  • Thanks, Ros!

  • It is interesting and inspiring to know that the Wikipedia list of prominent Old Victorians (old boys of VS) is getting longer by the days as more and more are identified.

    May I suggest that a category on 'Community Leaders' be included in the list of Prominent Victorians on the Wikipedia website. In this regard, the first name that comes to mind may be Leslie Yong Boon Chuan, the longest serving President of OVA, someone who had helmed the OVA selflessly and effectively. During the presidency of Mr Yong, the OVA had without fail organised the annual dinner and dance every year. Old boys and supporters of the school would recall fondly the annual functions held at the Shangrila Hotel ballroom which were normally very well attended. In particular, Mr Yong is well known for his involvement in community services as one of the longest serving Chairman of a Citizen Consultative Committee. He is currently the Chairman of the Cheng San CCC. For his contributions to community services, he has had been bestowed the prestigious national award of BBM (Public Service Star) on repeated occasions. Thank you,

  • Reply to 1960sVIC,
    Wikipedia may not be the place to list prominent Old Victorians. I think there are some rules of Wikipedia regarding this, unless the page is titled "List of Old Victorians" instead of "Victoria School".
    There is one interesting one on List of (prominent) Indians in Singapore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indians_in_S

  • There is also one on Malays in Singapore – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malays_in_Singapore

  • On the lighter side, Old Victorians who have made their names as radio/tv comperes and DJs include the legendary Tan Swee Leong and the late S R S Naidu, popularly known as the "Birdman of Spore" (both were listed in the Who's Who in Spore and Malaysia, a publication on prominent personalities)(Sporeans of the older generation would remember with fondness the great voice and witty presentation of Swee Leong first on Redifusion and later with RTS and TCS. Naidu was omnipresent as a compere at beauty pageants and high profile functions. Naidu was one of those instrumental in organising the VS School Carnival in 1968 which was adjudged as one of the best and most popular carnivals hosted by a school then. Naidu was the compere for the talentime contest which was a great success no doubt boosted by the presence of the "Birdman" himself. It is with pride that it is learnt that two of the present generation of popular comperes/djs on radio/tv Justin Ang and Lee Teng were students from VS. Can this be confirmed? Thanks.

  • Lee Teng from Channel 8? I thought he is Taiwanese. He graduated from NTU though.

  • I remember reading an article by Melvin Singh (New Paper Executive Editor) about playing football when he was a student at VS.

  • Sandra Davies of VJC listed in Notable Old Victorians Roll. Melvin Singh and S Murali, both old VS guys and sr New Paper editors, to be on list, yes. Thanks.

  • Already there:
    * S Sivalinggam and S Muruthi: National cricket captains, 1960s-1980s

  • Justin Ang seem to be from Maris Stella High and Ngee Ann Poly. Not sure if he had gone to VS or VJC.

  • Interesting to know that Tan Swee Leong is an Old Victorian. I vaguely remember that he used to host variety shows(?) or was it Talentime(?) or Miss Singapore(?) on tv..

  • Lee Teng came to Singapore from Taiwan at the age of 9. He attended VS, VJC and NTU (Accountancy).

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