VJC should open girls’ school
THE Victoria School-Victoria Junior College problem may have a simple win-win solution.

By Santokh Singh
09 April 2009

THE Victoria School-Victoria Junior College problem may have a simple win-win solution.

My proposal: Let VS remain the all-boys secondary school it has been for more than a century. And let VJC start an all-girls secondary school that would complement VS.

Both the boys and girls schools can then merge into VJC as part of a six-year Integrated Programme (IP).

The proposal will allow VS to continue its more than 133-year-old tradition of providing a quality all-round education for boys in a government school, as requested by its alumni and parents.

VJC, which has also said publicly that it is ready to start a secondary school to boost the quality of its students, should have no problems running an all-girls school – call it Victoria Girls School.

The model will be no different from the proven models of the Raffles and Hwa Chong families – with a slight twist.

In these models, the boys schools are part of the junior college with the girls coming from sister schools, namely Raffles Girls and Nanyang Girls.

In the proposed Victorian model, the boys would come from a kilometre down the road to join the family for the A levels in the IP.

Just like the Raffles and Hwa Chong families, the educational programmes can be centrally planned with the involvement of all parties.

It is a win-win proposal for all, including Singapore’s education system.

The Victorians will get a shot at the IP, which is accepted by most parents to provide their children a better chance at success – especially the brighter ones – and it will provide yet another model.

It will free two more good schools of the O-level trappings and give students exposure to a holistic all-round education, with equal emphasis on co-curricular activities, service learning and character and leadership development.

These are students that deserve such opportunities, VS boys included.


The proposal will boost the academic quality of pupils applying to VJC (girls) and VS (boys) – what the college has been longing for.

And there will be plenty of good will should VJC help boost the quality of the boys applying to the school by including VS in its IP programme.

Having taught there for eight years, I feel that VS deserves it.

It has been one of the best all-boys schools in Singapore, providing quality all-round education for Singaporeans who may not be able to afford the high fees charged by independent schools.

For less than $30 a month, compared to the more than $300 charged elsewhere, it is still beating some of these independent schools in the O levels.

It is the only all-boys school, consistently maintaining its Band 1 status in the MOE’s annual banding and ranking exercise for academic performance.

And looking at its CCA achievements, especially in the sports field, it can actually teach other schools in the independent category how to run their programmes.

It is one of probably three all-boys schools still flying the soccer flag, making the final of the nationals in at least one division in the last two years. This year, both its teams are in the Zone finals, having qualified for the nationals.

It finished second in the nationals for cricket, floorball and tennis, as well as clinched the C division title for cross-country, as well the runner-up spot for the B boys.

It finished third in B boys hockey. And for the first time in more than two decades, the school made the national semi-finals for volleyball, in not one but both divisions.

I dare say that not many all-boys schools in Singapore, independent or mission, can boast such an illustrious sports record.

Similarly, the school’s uniformed groups and cultural organisations, especially its choir, Chinese orchestra and English concert band, have been traditionally among the best in Singapore – all achievements it can exploit to boost its status as a premier JC.

There is no doubt that the school has done extremely well to be one of the best in Singapore in just 25 years.

The question is: Does it have the confidence to start an all-girls school that will attract some of the best and the brightest? And in the process, further boost the performance of VS via the competition?

I have no doubt.

More importantly, it will be hailed for its role in keeping the Victorian family – and its honour – intact.

Source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,198326,00.html?

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  • Kenneth Kam
    12 April 2009 19:31

    It is the best idea so far to avoid tearing down an established well-respected system where boys can remain boys while they learn … as an 'Old Victorian Boy' I fully support the establishment of a 'Victoria Girls School'.

  • Ong Pang Liang
    14 April 2009 14:17

    Santokh Singh has articulated a proposition that has wide support from Victorians that I have contact with.
    Let's strive to strengthen Victoria's all boys secondary education system which have produced presidents, ministers and captains of industries.
    At the same time, we should find innovative ways to build on the achievements of young VJC, without destroying VS century old tradition.
    The management's test of achievement is for VJC to groom her pool of feeder girls whilst Victoria School raises her boys' standards for entry to VJC.

  • It's been some time since we heard news?
    Anyone know if there is any progress on VJ side ?

  • Old Victorian.
    20 April 2009 23:35

    What's the point of coming up with a new girl's school to complement VS? Isn't it just best to leave VS as it is? This way, it'll be the only way that VS can be truly rich in tradition.

  • Old Victorian.
    20 April 2009 23:36

    Oh right, also. It'll take time for these plans to bear fruits. Will MOE risk the education system just to test out this scheme? It is not entirely foolproof. Setting up a new school is not as easy as just saying it.

  • A separate girls school by itself is a good idea cos VS will continue with her strong brand name as all boys school without merging. In the long run it will do both VS and VJC good when the school performs.

  • I think this issue is better resolved by just going ahead with it. We are spending too much time discussing the merits and demerits of various models. What I can gather is that most OVA members would state that VS remains a boys school. Other than that, there are not much objections. If VJC goes ahead with co-ed Sec 1, we can see how things develop and who knows what may happen in 6 years time, when the first batch graduates. We should also consider the merger of VS and VJC as one institution, or even consider holding joint activities for the Secondary school students of both schools. Getting into action is important. Thanks. (85-88VS,89-90VJC)

  • 1. What is the VAC/VEC stand on this? Don't they have the jurisdiction over the schools? Principals come and go every few years. But the VAC/VEC, OVA, present students and old boys (and girls) always remain.
    2. It is time that we rally all of our old boys against this.

  • I wonder which schools did Mr Santokh Singh and Mr Chan Poh Meng went to. Mr Singh taught in VS for 8 years and he is like a Victorian, while Mr Chan never understood us.

    Also, I think all the top schools had at one time or another, an old boy or girl back as its principal, but VS never had one.

  • I don't think any one will object to the idea of Victoria Girls' School, including Mr Chan, VJC principal, as he had said that his aim is for the well-being of his VJC students.
    Incidentally, St Nicholas' Girls' Sch used to be called Victoria Girls' School.
    Is this being taken up by the VAC/VEC?
    I propose that if the idea materialised, the new IP school to be called "Victoria School". In this way, the students will not feel alienated like some of the VJC students, who do not fell the affiliation to VS and OVA.
    During the days of pre-unversity classes in VS, this is not as issue as other secondary school students who enrolled in VS felt that that were VS and OVA.

  • VS has in the past produced a numnber of students who had served with distinction in the education service as school prinicipals, among whom are:

    The late Mr Chan (Former OVA President and long time Principal of Outram Secondary School in the days when the school was the only school offering commercial subjects at School Cert level)
    Mr Lim Bok Hai (former Principal of National Junior College)
    Mr Tan Teng Wai (founding Principal of St Andrew Junior College and former Senior Chemistry Master of VS in the late 50s and early 60s)
    Benjamin Lui (former Headmaster of St Joseph's Institution).

    It seems that it may not necessarily be the case that alumni will become more effective principal of their old schools. I think RI's better principals were those who had not studied in the school.

  • a list of notable old victorians is created in the Wikipedia website. it is noted that the list does not incude those in the medical field.

    Here are some names as gleaned from the net:

    Prof Low Cheng Hock, former President of SMA and senior consultant/dept head of TTSH (cited as a role model by young Old Victorian Jeffrey Leow, a popular blogger now studying medicine at Monash U in Australia)

    Assoc Prof S Suresh, Assoc Prof at NUS Medical Sch and Senior Consultant at TTSH (top GCE O Level student in Spore in 1975)

    Assoc Prof M Winslow, Assoc Prof at NUH Medical School and Head of Addiction Medicine, IMH (is he identical to Rasiah Winslow, Head Prefect of VS in 1978?)

  • Hi Vicman,
    Thanks for the information.

    What about Chao Tzee Cheng, the famous forensic expert?
    "Chao Tzee Cheng – received his education at Catholic High School and Victoria Continuation School."

  • I think Eric Ratnam, former Vice-Principal of VS, is a former Victorian. I think he became Principal of Bartley Sec Sch after leaving his post at VS.

  • > Assoc Prof M Winslow, Assoc Prof at NUH Medical School
    > and Head of Addiction Medicine, IMH (is he identical to
    > Rasiah Winslow, Head Prefect of VS in 1978?)

    M Winslow is Muni Winslow – likely to be a different person.

  • According to Spore Med Council's register of medic practitioners, Dr Winslow's full name is Rasiah Munidasa Winslow. Likely to be the former Head Prefect of Victoria School.

  • adding to the list of Old Victorians from VS who were Parliamentarians are the following:

    Abdul Aziz Karim (elected MP)
    Lingam(elected MP)
    Thomas Thomas (NMP and unionist)

    It is said that the late Nithiah Nandan (NMP and NTUC veteran leader) was also an Old Victorian.

  • adding to the list of Old Victorians from VS who were Parliamentarians are the following:

    Abdul Aziz Karim (elected MP)
    Lingam(elected MP)
    Thomas Thomas (NMP and unionist)

    It is said that the late Nithiah Nandan (NMP and NTUC veteran leader) was also an Old Victorian.

  • In the early 1960s there was a student by the name of Poad Mattar in Victoria School and there was a Shafik Mattar who was an outstanding school badminton player. Is Poad Mattar the same person as the one of the same name who is listed in the government directory as a member of the Public Service Commission and the Council of Presidential Advisers?

  • Reply to Vicman,

    Do you think former students of Victoria Continuation School are part of our Victorian family?

    • Mr Poad Mattar, Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche HR Consultants Pte. Ltd. http://www.unescap.org/esid/psis/ageing/profile/n

  • http://www.psc.gov.sg/psccms/htm/aboutus_who_poad… (with picture)

    Mr Poad Bin Shaik Abu Bakar Mattar PBM

    Mr Po抋d Mattar was appointed as Member of the Public Service Commission in February 2004. An accountant by training, he had held various positions in Deloitte & Touche before becoming its Senior Partner in 2002. He retires from this position on 28 Feb 2006. He served as a Director of MediaCorp TV Singapore Private Limited (formerly Television Corporation Singapore) between 1994 and 1999. From 1992 to 2003, he was a member of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Council. He is currently a Board member of the Public Utilities Board. He was awarded the Public Service Medal (PBM) in 2002 for his contributions to social and community service.

  • reply to Old Boy

    not sure what VCS was. best confine VS to VS and Victoria Bridge Sch.

  • reply to Old Boy

    not sure what VCS was. best confine VS to VS and Victoria Bridge Sch.

  • Gritty Nithi – The Remarkable Life Of Nithiah Nand An, Comrade & Champion

    by Tan-Oehler, Shirley

    Price: US$13.21 (SGD18.60*)
    Format: Paper Back, 140 pages
    Published: 2007, Singapore, 1st Edition
    ISBN: 9789810589271
    SB#: 043144 (110)

    About This Book
    Nithiah Nandan (1949-2007) was from 1976 until his death an active and respected leader in Singapore's trade unions and from 2002-2003 a Nominated MP. These interviews took place when Nithiah was already ill. They offer insights into his early experiences of deprivation and into the thinking and ideals which governed his life as well as into the events and crises where he steadfastly strove for workers' long-term interests. Many tributes to Nithiah's character and achievements are included. With timeline and black-and-white photographs.

  • Anthony Yeo, acclaimed as the doyen of counsellors in Spore, is an old boy of VS. According to one of his schoolmates, Anthony was a VS contemporary of Kenneth Mok (a former NTUC leader), Chung Chee Kit, Ngiam Tee Liang and Goh Eck Piang (a senior MOE official in the ECA circle)in the mid-60s. Anthony was recently reported in the press to be cancer stricken. Our hearts are with Anthony and wish him well.

  • At one time or another, I have heard that the following people are Old Victorians too. Anyone can confirm?
    – Jean Yip, foundeer and owner of Jean Yip Group (sister of singer Dawn Yip)
    – Hakikat Raj, former sports journalist with Straits Times
    – Jerry Seh, S'pore most famous sports photographer with New Paper and Straits Times
    – Sunny Ang, Grand Priz driver who committed the sensational 'perfect murder' in 1960s and was sentenced to death
    – Ong Lye Huat, Deputy Director, ECA, MOE

  • Add to posting of 11 Jun: According to a former classmate, Mr Goh Ek Piang, now Dy Director of CCA, MOE, was an outstanding sportsman during his VS days from 1962-65. He represented the school in several sports. He was particularly outstanding in track and field in which he was a district winner and in sepak raga team where he was the only non Malay player for the school team. VS then had a strong sepak raga team which was captained by Bahrom Salleh, another well known all rounder sportsman of VS in those years.

  • Nithiah Nandan is actually from Yio Chu Kang Sec Sch.

  • Re: posting of 5 June, the late Mr Chan Joon Gek, a former distinguished President of OVA, was the principal of Outram Sec Sch(OSS) from 1964-71 and 1972-1978, one of the longest serving heads of a Singapore school ever. More significantly Mr Chan was highly respected in the education service. According to the OSS magazine commemorating the 100 years anniversary 1906-2006, Mr Chan was acorded with the follwoing accolade:"He gave the best years of his life to OSS, his pioneering efforts in getting the commercial classes going, in introducing Pre-U commercial classes and constructing the swimming pool are achievements few principals can boast of."

  • 1965-71 and 1972-78. Howcome there is a break?
    Outram seem to have lost its spark compared to the old days. Perhaps because the commercial classes have stopped (??).

  • According to the OSS mag, Mr Chan was briefly posted to MOE between 71 n 72. OSS has produced its fair share of oustanding old boys eg Minister Wong Kan Seng and banker Mr Fok Siew Wah. OSS is still a good sch, just like all our Spore schs, each having its own traditions and ethos.

  • The following senior Sporean govt staff had studied at VS(?):

    Mr Law Song Seng, former Director of ITE
    Mr Ngiam Tong Tau, former CEO of AVA
    Mr Tan Kee Yong, Dy Sec of MOE or MICA.

    Forwarded, please. Tks.

  • Thanks Vicman. However, I could not find any info to confirm this. Can anyone confirm?
    The following senior Sporean govt staff had studied at VS(?):
    Mr Law Song Seng, former Director of ITE
    Mr Ngiam Tong Tau, former CEO of AVA
    Mr Tan Kee Yong, Dy Sec of MOE or MICA.

  • In the 1976 The Victorian Mag, one of the top GCE A Level students in 75 rptd was one Tan Kee Yong. Mr Tan, the sr govt official, was a member of the VEC previously. Are members of the VEC all old boys?

    Names of Messrs Ngiam and Law were featured respectively in the 62 and 63 editions of the said mag. They were active student leaders.

  • Thanks!
    I notice there have been many previous VEC/VAC members who are not Old Victorians.

  • Goh Chee Hiong, Phua Tin How, Goh Chye Boon, etc have been in VEC/VAC, but not sure if they are Old Victorians.

  • From the list of Notable Old Victorians in Wikipedia, one can notice that Victoria School has been prolific in producing top military and police men for Singapore, among whom are the current chiefs of the air force and army and the chief of staff of the police force. Isn't the director of safti military institute also an old VS chap? I thought I have ever read in the Net about him giving a speech at a NCC function at which he said he was an air cadet when he was in VS? Nil Sine Labore!

  • Reply to ProudVIC:
    Are you referring to BG Jimmy Tan who was a former NCC Air cadet? http://www.mindef.gov.sg/imindef/publications/cyb
    There is no mention of him being from VS though.
    If he is, he should be in VS from 1975-1978 or 1975-1980.

  • There is an old VS boy who used to be a well known theatre director in Spore. He is Chandran K Lingam who was already showing a great deal of promise during his schooldays in the late 60s and then at the University of Spore in the early 70s. He was much involved the two plays Joan of Arc and Androcles and the Lion staged by VS. Subsequently he made his name as director of the renowned Experimental Theatre Practice in the 1980s and had won prestigious awards for his talent.

  • It is with pride to know that even though VS may or may not produce as many old boys who are outstanding in the professions, business, govt or whatever other endeavours, as some other schools, the Old Victorians who do so, are notedly right up at the top. The President of Spore, Quek Leng Chan, one of the richest men in this region, the chiefs of the services in the military, the top policeman, the Malaysian literary laurettes, one of the most senior Permanent Secretaries, the theatre practitioners, the distinguished poet Edwin Thumboo, the top film maker, the top sports adminstrator, the list goes on …….. Nil Sine Labore

  • Reply to ProudVIC:
    There should be a no of Victorians involved with politics in the years before Singapore's independence, but there is not much of such information. One of them is Syed Omar Abdulrahman Alsagoff who was the Vice-President of Liberal Socialist Party.

  • Following extract from a blog "ygblog4" by Betty, an old girl who studied in Pre U in 65-66 dd 29 Jun 09:

    "A couple of years back, we tracked down on our form teacher Ms Weech from England and sponsored her holiday in Singapore. We brought her to VS and VJC too. It was lovely to have Ms Weech back in Singapore, her first visit after she left in 1966. She had the opportunity to speak to some boys in VS and we made arrangement for her to meet some of the former staff of VS like Mr Sethi."

    It's great of students of a Pre U class of 65-66 to invite an old teacher from England back to Singapore for a holiday and to arrange for her to meet VS boys and former staff of the school. Back in the 60s, we had several teachers from the British and Canadian volunteer corps in our school. During my Pre-U days in 67-68, we had one such teacher Ms Ruth Gelder who was pivotal in reviving English drama in VS and she was behind the successful staging of Androcles and The Lion. One of the budding student drama practitioners at the time was Chandran Lingam who later went to become a well known name in Singapore as a theatre director. There was another expatriate volunteer teacher, Mr Michael Newton who taught Geography and was an avid softball player – naturally he coached the school softball team to outstanding success.

  • Interesting to know that there were so many foreign English teachers in those days.
    VS was the first school Neil Humphreys taught after he arrived in Singapore. He later became a columnist on New Paper and wrote a few books about Singapore through the eyes of a foreigner.
    Prof Maurice Baker also taught in VS before he became the Head of English Literature at University of Singapore. He later became an ambassador for Singapore.

  • In the immediate post war years and in the 1950s, it seemed, VS had a distinguished line of principals and teachers who had come from Britain. Mr Bomford whom the Bomford Memorial Fund (giving prizes and bursary to outstanding science students) was named, and Mr Michael Campbell who had donated the Campbell Cup (symbol of inter-house cross country supremacy in VS)were two of the most remembered headmasters of the school. Then there were teachers like Mr Shamus Frazier who had written the great Victoria School Song, and Mr West who had written geography text books used by Singapore students right up to the 1960s. Mr Frazier was also the author of the book "Crocodile Dies Twice", a very popular literature text book with Singapore schools in the past. Btw, Mr Maurice Baker, I believe, was born in Malaya and is an Eurasian. Thanks.

  • VS, it seems, has continued its traditions of having good principals and teachers among its staff. One of these teachers is Mr Randell Siow. From his blog, one can notice that Mr Siow has great interest and enthusiasm in teaching and is highly devoted to the vocation, and above all, he has great love for the school and the students. Thank you, Mr Siow.

  • Noticed that a former CP Tee Tua Ba and present COS, SPF, Soh Wai Wah, are old VS students. Other senior SPF officers who had studied in VS include:

    AC Rajoo G, ex Director of PNSD SPF and formerly long time Commander of Traffic Police

    AC Tan Ngoh Chew – present Director PNSD, SPF

    Mr Poh Geok Ek – ex Director Prisons(rank of SAC(?))

    Mr Sim Poh Hing – ex Director CNB (rank of DC)

  • If I am not wrong, Teo Hong Guan, ex-Director, CID, is also formerly from VS.

    I also notice that that the SPF Overseas Scholarships (only 1 scholarship per year) has been won by VS/VJC students in many years eg Tan Chin Rui Jerald (2005, Goh Yuxiang (2002), Tan Chye Hee (1991), Christopher Ng (1990), Lim Choon Wui (1989) and many others.

  • Is Emeritus Prof Wong Kim Ping of the Dpt of Biochemistry of the NUS Yong Soo Lin Sch of Medicine an old girl of Victoria School? There was a student of the same name listed among the successufl candidates of the 1960 HSC exams, in the 1961 sch mag The Victorian. Also in the list was that of Kanwaljit Soin – now a well known medical specialist who is also Spore's first female NMP and a founding member/past President of Aware.

  • It is quite likely that Prof Sit-Wong Kim Ping is the same VS old girl, as she entered the University in 1960.

    "In 1960, a degree course in Biochemistry under the
    Faculty of Science was introduced.13 Several graduates of
    this degree course (Sit Kim Ping, Teo Tian Seng, Tan Chee
    Hong, Lee Kay Hoon and NP Das) later became academic
    staff of the department."

  • The degree course was started in 1960. She may have entered the university in 1960 or later.

  • old boy's info of 19 Jul: Goh Yuxiang, found from Internet search, to be ex VS and VJC student. Are the others also from VS? They shld be listed on Notable Old Vics? There's a more recent SPF scholar, Allen Yue. He was specifially mentioned by the GOH, Mr Chan Soo Sen, at the 2004 VS speech day as an outstanding VS student who had brought honour to the sch. Allen was a Hd Prefect of VS in 2000 and Best Unit Cadet in NPCC, and served as President of VJC Students' Council when in VJC. Served in NS as an air defence artillery officer. Awarded SPF overseas scholarship to study Economics at Imperial College in UK.

  • I am surprised from VJC students have been winning the SPH Overseas scholarship consistently, as there is only 1 scholarship every year. Other winners are usually from Raffles and Hwa Chong.
    This is only a short list. I believe there are many more.
    – Tan Chin Rui Jerald (2005) – Dunman High
    – Allen Yue (2003) – VS
    – Goh Yuxiang (2002) – VS
    – Tan Chye Hee (1991) – no idea
    – Christopher Ng (1990) – no idea
    – Lim Choon Wui (1989) – no idea

    There are already more than 200 persons on Notable Old Vics. There should be a cut-off somewhere or else we will be listing almost 'every body'. I think AC rank for Police and Colonel rank for Army is fine for the moment.
    For Literary and Performing Arts, it is more difficult to rank them, and they are in the media limelight more often compared to people in other industries.

  • Talking about VS Speech Day, I believe it was held last Saturday. Who is the Guest-of-Honour? There is no update on the VS website like they usually do in previous years.

  • actually there shld not be any cut off or ranking for the said list. If an old boy or girl of VS has brought honour to the sch by virtue of his or her profession, or a niche area of expertise or nobility the person has excelled in, then, if we can identify the person, he or she shld be mentioned. As I am sure that there are many more such old boys and girls of VS out there. perhaps the administrator may consider having separate lists for old Victorians from VS and the alumni of VJC. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your inputs, NewWorld.

    Wikipedia may not even be the right place for the list, although it is the best place because it is accessible by every one and anyone can contribute to it.
    Also, in Wikipedia, anyone can also make a nomination for it to be removed. Then it will be subject to discussion and vote. So far, I have tried to follow the rules, so that nobody does that.
    Initially, the list was at the "Victoria School" page, but thanks to the many contributions here, the list became too long, so I created a new page for it.

    As to who should be included, I am using my own discretion. I am sure different people have different 'standard'.
    The cut-off is not strict. For example, these are included:
    * LT Iskandar Abdullah: Sword of honour (Best Overseas Cadet), Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, England, 2005 – first SAF officer in 14 years to be named Best Overseas Cadet at Sandhurst
    * Chen Zhen Yan (Ms) ~: First female naval diver, Singapore Armed Forces; SAF Merit Scholar; Her World Magazine's Young Woman Achiever of the Year, 2006

    There are also people classified under "VJC only" as they could not be ascertain whether they are from VS or not.

    In the "Victoria Junior College" page, there is a separate list. On this list, there are many who are from VS as well.
    Wong Liang Chin Jeffrey
    Dr Lim Hock Beng
    Collin Tseng-Liu
    Willin Low
    Mohammed Jaleesudeen Jalal
    Fabian Tan
    Soh Chin Heng

    The reason, which I think is an important one, to include VJC past students as well, is to be inclusive. There has been talk of VJC wanting to "break away" by taking in Sec 1 students, VJC alumni and VS boys not supporting the VJC A Division soccer finals. We should treat VJC as part of the Victorian family and not to alienate them. VS or VJC, they are all Old Victorians.

  • 1971 Old Boy
    29 July 2009 13:42

    While it's great to hear and read of some many Victorians who rise up to become great contributors to the nation, I think we are digressing here in addressing the future of VS ie. should we set up Victoria Girls School. Let's stay focus.

    From past experiences and posting, there has been too much talk especially everytime and article appears in the papers. After all said and done, we need to hear from those who can make a difference. Is it the OVA, VEC or MOE?. If I am not mistaken, OVA stand is, VS will remain as VS. Is this correct, President of OVA?

    I have said many times and will say again. Principals come and go. After an important is being made, will the current VJC principal will still be there to see through? I don't think so. I am NOT seeing real, genuine effort by Mr Chan, VJC Principal, to appreciate VS as an important root from where VJC was started. Yet, I can't blame him cos he was never a Victorian. He is currently in VJC to do a job and he will do it to the best of his effort for his and MOE's agenda. Here today, gone tomorrow. Victorain will have to pick up the pieces, for good or bad. Period.

    I would have thought that the process of closer integration between VS and VJC would be stronger with the close of the "feeder" from Dunman High. Alas, it's not to be. TO VJC, VS will always remain a thorn and the only privelege is a 2 points advantage. So much for being a "surrogate" mother.

    Make a clear decision and move on! Enough talk..Enough NATO

    Frustrated Victorian

  • I am all for the IP if VS remains a boys' school and the VS name be retained for the IP school.

  • BG Jimmy Tan was a NCC Air cadet in Victoria School from 1975 to 1978.

  • the pulse of oriental medicine…

    Ultimately this is about so much more than whether garlic pills, glucosamine, multivitamins or any other natural health supplements will be available to us freely. What it comes down to is case scenarios like this: say I or anyone of us get cancer and …

  • Any one knows the birthday of Dr Rasiah Munidasa Winslow so that I can wish him happy birthday?

  • re Old Boy's posting of 21 Jul 2009, there is a comprehensive write up on Goh Yuxiang, SPF Scholar from VS and VJC. He has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (first class honours) from Imperial College London. He is now an ASP in the Singapore Police Force holding the appointment of Commanding Officer of the Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre (ref: "Scholars' Choice III of Straits Times of 5 March 2010)

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