Daniel’s Cup 2009 has concluded in Kuala Lumpur and our OVA Soccer team once again had a great time.

Check out Zan’s reflections and photographs at: https://www.ova.org.sg/2009/03/daniels-cup-2009/

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More photographs on Facebook.

Remember to join us for the Satay Night on 30th April 2009!

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  • Muthu Krishnan
    24 April 2009 12:55

    KL was awash with rain. Most of the guys who were there initially were feeling down by the Victoria Institute's flooded football field, but psyhicing ourselves up, and sportingly got into the field and played waterpolo with our feet. The guys who were thinking that it is not good to play proper football in that condition, because we are supposed to matured and all that. But the action on the field showed otherwise. It definitely brought back memories of bygone days, where playing football in whatever condition waas still playing football. I had fun and I am sure the fellows who went there did. I am sure that we felt like boys we were, again.

    Mr Zan, aka "botak" deserves a big pat on the back, but better not be too hard and to big , he is like the rest of us getting "older".

  • Thanks Abang Muthu. As spoken at VIOBA, i do hope that other sports would take the lead too…
    And since this is the second year, since we've touched base with VIOBA, i would also like to see Younger Vics with a "full crop of hair!", take up the baton and continue this tradition…

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