Dear Victorians,

As you all would have known by now, Victoria School and Victoria Junior College and their respective affiliated bodies such as the alumni and the advisory board members have been in discussion over the future direction of both the schools.

Till date, there have been mixed views from the various parties concerned over the future operating models.

The differences stem largely from the differing opinions on preserving the heritage of the 133-year history of the all-boys Victoria School as opposed to the ongoing pressure to introduce the integrated programme into the school/JC.

One key proposal is to expand the intake of Secondary Ones to include girls, paving the way for a seamless integrated programme within VS and VJC.

We hope to establish a consensus of views amongst the stakeholders including the thousands of Victorians out there in an objective and representative manner.

The Old Victorians’ Association Management Council is, thus, taking the lead to conduct a public consultation to consolidate the views of Victorians. The aim is to come up with an official position that is representative of alumni members, old boys and girls of both VS and VJC as well as the parents before making the official recommendations that will potentially present a new chapter in the history of both academically acclaimed institutions.

We have all benefited and experienced the true meaning of the Victorian Spirit. As a key stakeholder, we are, not only, in a position to ensure the best outcome, but more importantly, have to take up the responsibility to make sure that the strategic decision of the school’s future is not taken in haste.

We would, therefore, like to hear your views on the following proposals being bandied:

1. Merger – Merging Victoria School and Victoria Junior College into one entity. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such merger? Will this create greater synergies by tapping on the strengths of both schools? Does it make more sense in practical terms taking into consideration the different sets of principals, teachers, staff, students and the alumni? What are the possible problems?

2. What should be the motivation behind the drive of both VS and VJC into the future? Academic excellence – the supply of good students versus the production of good students (value add), or development of all round Victorians?

3. Though many schools have jumped onto the bandwagon of merger and the through-train IP programme, should VS and VJC follow suit? In today’s fast changing education landscape, what roles do VS and VJC play for the good of the nation? Is it just about promoting academic excellence to produce another top class of elites for our society? To be ranked among the top education institutions in Singapore or to continue providing a conducive environment for education and character building of the less-than-elite but equally capable?

4. If merged, what shall the new institution be named? A brand new name (eg. Victoria Academy, Victoria Institution) or should it retain and build upon the 133-year strong brand name of “Victoria School”.

5. Is the concept of all-boys school still relevant? If so, how do we build on the success of the all-boy environment? What are the pros and cons of introducing girls into Victoria School?

6. Are there any possible models of merger of VS and VJC without tinkering with the century old heritage of an established all-boys environment at the secondary level?

Please email your views to and provide your full style name with graduating class and year from VS or VJC or both. Submission without proper identification will not be taken into consideration.

Vernon Teo
President (2008-2010)

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  • hey guys/gals…

    the OVA is gathering views from alumni at large on the VS/VJC merger issue… nothing is concrete about the format of merger if it does happen… we just want to gather as much views as possible so that if the situation arises when the OVA needs to make a stand on behalf of the alumni, the data will a representative response to it…

    we are not going to publicise this feedback session in a big time manner (press/media/etc)… rather we want to spread it by word of mouth to encourage alumni to visit the site and send in their response… reason being after the much publicised last 2 dialogue sessions with the 2 schools, no fruitful outcome was achieved and the Victorian family is perceived by the public to be disunited…

    the above published just provide some general pointers/possibilities of merger for your consideration… pls do not just confine your views based on these pointers… feel free to add more thoughts of yours…

    as this is a matter not to be taken lightly and the feedback collected are of utmost confidentiality and importance to the Victorian family, pls provide full style details when you submit your views… this is to eliminate any personnel not related to Victoria from interfering the outcomes of this feedback session…. propose you provide the following data of yourself for verification of identity cos any feedback from individuals without sufficient proof of relation to Victoria will not be taken into account…

    pls rest assure your identity and particulars will be kept confidential…

    – full name
    – yr of graduation from VS/VJC
    – email
    – contact no.

    pls help to forward to as many Victorians out there as possible…

    Joo Peng

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