Dear fellow Victorians,

VJC is planning to start a 6-year through train program which would impact not just VJC, but also VS and the Victorian family as a whole.

As this concerns a wide spectrum of stakeholders and close to the hearts of many Victorians who have walked through the gates of Victoria, the OVA will be organising a dialogue session to seek your opinions and feedback on the direction VS and VJC will be taking. The principals of both VS and VJC will be there to present their plans/views and answer any queries.

We invite all Victorians to come forward and contribute your views and thoughts on this plan.


Venue : Victoria School Auditorium
Date : 29 November 2007, Thursday
Time : 7:30 pm
Address : 2 Siglap Link, Singapore 448880

PS: light refreshment will be provided at the forum

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