OVA organises several iconic events throughout the year. To cater to our diverse multi-racial, multi-generational, and multi-personality membership base, OVA’s events range from sports to networking sessions to academic.  Visit the links below to find out more.

Victorians’ Day

Since its creation in 2005, Victorians’ Day has been an important highlight in both VS and VJC.  Pulling a predominantly young crowd who are recent graduates of the schools, Victorians’ Day evokes in home-comers a mix feeling of nostalgia for the days of canteen food/ LT sleepovers/ mugging, an ambition to keep the Victoria flag flying high, and satisfaction that all is in good hands.

Seniors, welcome home.

Dinner & Dance

The OVA Dinner & Dance have always been an evening of hot-nobbling with the who’s who of Singapore.  Regardless of the location of the event (in the utilitarian school canteen or the ritzy hotel ballroom), everyone who returns is a student once again.  Where else would you be able to see CEOs humbled by the memories that their long-ago teachers bring up? Where the old (but young at heart) and the young stand together for a proud rendering of the school song?

Tickets don’t come easy.  Seats are very quickly filled up.

Grab your old kakis and form your tables now!


Ahh, the sport that the Victorian gentleman plays!  Named in honour of Pierre Retnam, the soccer tournament is an event that builds on strong inter-alumni relationships.  Other alumni associations are welcomed to participate and the fight on the field has been said to be better than our local soccer scene, post-Malaysia Cup.

A keen interest in soccer has led to the formation of the OVA Soccer, an official group of soccer enthusiasts flying the Victorian flag high with their regular training sessions and participation in tournaments.

Come kick around with us now!


In honour of Mr Wong Hung Khim, the golf tournament is played at the beautiful, world-class Tanah Merah Country Club in the eastern part of Singapore.  As a social networking event, it is unsurpassed.  As a primarily fund-raising event, the golf tournament has never failed to attract corporations and individuals from donating generously to the OVA cause of the day.  At times, this cause has been the betterment of less well-off students, at others, this cause was the strengthening of our students’ sporting abilities.  With a hole-in-one prize of luxury cars, the OVA Golf Challenge is one of the most prestigious events in the OVA calendar to look out for.

Grab your irons and join us now!

Kampung Breakfast

Held in the rustic eastern campuses of Victoria School or Victoria Junior College, with a warm sun and piping hot teh-tarik, the (almost) quarterly Kampung Breakfast is a social networking event usually sponsored by our own Victorians.  With an almost unlimited supply of roti-prata (in all kinds of configurations), small groups of Victorians chat the Sunday morning away.  Past breakfasts have been sponsored by the chiefs of listed or well-regarded companies.

Time to set your alarm clock to wake up early for the breakfast!

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held once a year with an election every two years for the Management Council.  Held in turns on the grounds of Victoria School and Victoria Junior College, it has traditionally been a passionate event, where results are reported, issues are debated, and new goals are set.  Since the move of Victoria School to Marine Parade, it has become tradition for the AGM to end with a supper session at Siglap, where old boys and girls drink copious amounts of kopi, teh-tarik and beer as they chat the night away.

Let your voice be heard!


We also actively participate in the activities of VS and VJC.  For example, the annual Speech Days, sports festivals and many others.

If you have an idea for an event, please let us know.  Feedback to us via our online form or an email to [email protected].